Life works in strange ways. There are many theories about life some concuring and others contradicting each other. I live in a country that has astrology deeply rooted so its rather difficult for one to think that destiny and fate can be changed with our efforts and decisions when ones future is already predicted. Are we fooling ourselves to think that we are in control whereas we are merely led to making decisions that determine our course of life controled by our Karma.

Astrology can inded be a predictive discipline or craft, an art even, but I don’t believe the future is in any way etched in stone.
For instance, the planets kept on moving after we were born, so we can move with them in harmony by going with their flow, or we can try to swim against their tides which is never advisable. That’s why I think it’s so important to know what the planets are doing, and it’s why I write my monthly and annual forecasts.
And every astrologer has their own take on what the planetary movements will actually mean for us, and every interpretation will be different. I try my best to never be fatalistic about the planets because I view them as the overriding energetic of the natural world to which we’re all tied, rather than as anything that is “out to get us.” In this regard, the planets are not Gods who would beat us up if we were not following the life-path that some mere fallible human thought would or should be our destinies. Living in fear of what a highly flawed human says would be best for us is living in denial of perhaps our greatest birthright, the birthright of our free-wills.
This birthright allows us to believe anything we want to, just as long as it doesn’t deny the free-wills of anyone else, and to know that when we start to believe anything in particular, we stop thinking that there might be a better alternative. This brings up the difference between what is religious and what is spiritual; religions are someone else’s stories and the spiritual path is our own story. And to me, religions have served their purpose but now the Universal spiritual imperatives are telling us to elevate our own individual spiritual selves to Divine God-hood status, to see God as living within ourselves first and foremost, rather than in the hands of some outside authority like an astrologer who was somehow appointed to direct your destiny for you.
The birth chart is only a design like a road map – it’s natal – never fatal. There are a million ways of getting from Point A to Point B – from “here” to “there” – we can take the scenic route or fly directly there. It’s all about the journey and never the destination though – we get to choose our own paths – otherwise there would be no reason to live our lives out. In other words, we’re not robots but when we start thinking like a robot, we’re screwed. Further, the “Divine plan” for us is that there is no plan, just a road map full of paths, each and any one of them we are free to follow.
Just one more thought, life is God’s gift to us. What we make of our lives is our gift to God, knowing full well that God lives within us.
I hope this has helped. Live in peace, my friend and fellow traveler,

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