The veil between dimensions is thin at this time of year. Spirit life is more active here on planet earth and we get a lot more questions about life in spirit. One of the most interesting questions that comes up from time to time is: what can spirit see of the physical lives they left behind? As Gail asks:

Can the dead see what we do day to day, “EVERYTHING”

Says Phil, in response: “I guess it all depends on what purpose a “dead” person might have in wanting to observe what we’re doing. For instance, if a departed soul is stuck inside the veil, they’ll need assistance to move forward to where they need to belong – to the other side, “into the white light” – whatever you want to call it.

I’m sure these souls – these “ghosts” – can see a few things dimly through the shroud of the non-time, but more from an energetic standpoint. In other words, not too clearly at all, with little-to-no way of putting anything into proper context Other souls who have made a clear transition to the other side can most probably see what we’re doing very clearly, but from a place of wisdom that far surpasses all our understanding of what we merely think we might be able to perceive. This is a place of supreme clarity – of knowing our conditions far more clearly than we possibly can while we’re still alive in our fallible  bodies.

In other words, while we’re stuck in our bodies on this Earth plane, we are limited to three and maybe four dimensions, and five or maybe six senses – all of which are highly dependent on our physical, mental, and spiritual health for us to be aware of. Einstein postulated that there may well be 23 different dimensions out there, and he may or may not have been talking about dimensions of Spirit.

I’m thinking we should maybe contemplate multiplying the senses we know about, with the dimensions we’re aware of, extrapolating this number into an exponential logarithm we can only dream of, and if entities from that place – out there are watching over me down here – way cool! They would certainly know me much better than I know myself.
Angels, guardian spirits – whatever – they know all about our limitations, our foibles, weaknesses, and troubles with finding our way. They are there – here at the speed of thought – to help us make sense of our lives in the grand scheme of things, so I doubt they are too concerned with what we look like while we’re on the toilet and picking our noses. Maybe if they see us robbing a bank or torturing a defenseless being, they may find a way to show concern and jot it down onto our karmic list of debts we’ll need to pay
back, but otherwise, they’re only there to help.

That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. That is, until “they” show me how wrong I am. In which case, I reserve my right to be wrong! Peace, Phil the astrologer

Some months after one of my favourite aunts died some years ago, I connected with her on the other side. She was in great spirits, sweeping the floor of her new digs on the other side. As soon as she sensed my presence, she took me to a device like a TV and showed me that she could tune in and see what was happening with her family, wherever they were… she was delighted because in her physical life, her children lived at a distance from her so she could only see them once or twice a year.

However, I know from experience in working with spirit that such clarity is not always possible.  While some spirits will tell me to tell their loved ones to talk to them when they need them, “tell them I can hear them when they address me”, I can tell when I check in on some of my clients’ loved ones, they they can only sense whether a thought is vibrating as positive or negative, whether it is loving or not… in fact, some quite desperately ask for prayers and love to be sent to them so they can lift up and be able to move into higher vibrations where they can connect with the folks they left behind.

What I am certain of from my encounters with spirit is that they can sense vibrational frequency. Some see colour and pure energy as opposed to being able to differentiate shape and form. Spirit seems to be able to see where there is an opening for them to manifest or make themselves known – they seem to know who can see them, who they can get a message to… and this can only be explained as an ability to see the energy in and around a person here on planet earth.

Spirit – once arrived in the higher frequencies – can see clearly what is in our hearts, what is truth, what is loving, and what is not… they can see when we are caring for or harming ourselves, or others… but they probably see through what we are wearing, what we had for breakfast, or what kind of car we drive… they may bask in the beauty of our gardens, but not differentiate the flowers from the herbs or the vegetables.

Spirit sees, but not through human eyes. Spirit sees energy, senses vibrational frequency, colours, tones, feelings – they see our souls and the light and dark they contain. Only occasionally, under special circumstances, when they have reached a level of clarity and built enough energy, are they able to – or even interested in – actually seeing form and shape.

Once in spirit, the focus is on spirit and it takes real power to be able to focus on a specific form or shape when you no longer have human eyes.

  1. In regard to Phil’s article on the dead, ‘seeing’ I want to strongly suggest,he only write about those things he has personally experienced, fully, tho I commend him on the honesty to admit he only guesses about the OTHER WORLD! From personal experience, I just want to say that I have been there, thru a tragic car accident that, threw me into that ‘Beyond’ waking consciousness reality for quite some time, and KNOW that the vision is accelerrated beyond imagination, and more! But just keep believing, “Phil”, you old goat!

  2. My Husband has dreams that come true. Ever since he was little he has this gift of seeing the future. He looked at his 8 year old cousin and saw him in a casket. 2 months later he was kiiled in a car crash.
    He could hear his dead grandfather taking to him e=when he was standing by his casket. He had a reaccuring dream about an accident and it happened, just a little backwards. I could tell you numerouse stories. He told me that he can ffe the person next to him and if he would turn and look he would see them, but he does not want them to know that he can see them. He had 1 situation where by accident he was looking at this dead lady and she finally realized that he could see her and she came at him and went through him. He wants to leave this alone but I think he should tap ito it to try to help people.

  3. i went to a healer / medium a year ago, he told me things no one could ever know. at the beginning of the session he mentioned names of relatives that were dead and we there around me, I am quite low at present due to my mother’s serious illness & makn future work, I haven’t smilled since my mothers illness was discovered & I love that woman so much and If any who knos anyone who has books onthose who have passed on to help yhe departed. I am in no way motivated, all my strenght goes in to my work. so is there any of my loved oes that would come to me, so as i coud try and see them, I am currently in tears as a write this to whoever it.

  4. Sad that no one had entered any posts. All i want to know really can the dead see and hear us & if we are going through times they can see this.

    Best Wishes

    Kathryn kelly

  5. Hi Kathryn, Oh yes they can see and hear you and help you too. I have done many a reading where the person was in complete turmoil before they lost someone close to them and right after the person passed their life comes together in every way. I believe it is the person who passed that helped with this. Remember to ask your guides and teachers to help with such matters. You have free will so they can’t help until you ask. Have gratitude for everything in your life that is good and keep your thoughts positive and things will shift around. Imagine a pendulum back and forth. How bad it is is how good its going to get. Take care, Sharon

  6. Hi, my ex brother in law just passed away, and for some reason it was a big impact in me, scpecially since i was never very close to him and i had not seen him in years. I did go to his funeral and since them i feel this sadness and need of crying. I wonder if he saw all the people who went to his funeral and if he felt the love that people have for him, and th pain that his parents are going through. I also wonder if he can hear my prayers and if he can see me. his death is still unsure of what happened all we know is that he was strangled, but we dont know why or who did it. I would also like to know if it helps him at all if i light candles at home for him.

  7. Hi Martha, Christopher Ree here for Global Psychics. I am sorry for the loss of your ex brother-in-law. I shall put him in my prayers. I get the strong feeling that he did indeed that he attended his own funeral. This is a commone happening, especially when there was a sudden and unexpected death. Keep in mind, that in death, only the body dies. The soul/mind/spirit continue. It is only the physical that is gone. With that in mind, you can see where the probability of him being at his own funeral makes sense. I know I sure would be curious what people had to say about me after I was gone!

    Your crying and experiencing emotion over his death goes far beyond the type of death he had. His spirit is reaching out to you and saying that he really loved you and respected you. Maybe if you had married him instead of his brother it would have been different. He now knows that was not meant to be and that his death happened when it was supposed to. It is the rest of us that are left behind. He still wants you to know that he really cared about you and someday you will be with him in another life. You will re-connect with him in a future life, rest assured. That is his message to you. I can feel him standing behind me as I am typing this. He loved you back when and he loves you now. Light candles for him in front of a picture of him. Your tears will dry up and as time goes by, you will find happiness in the fact that you know of his love for you. He most certainly hears your prayers.

    Love, Light, & Laughter, Christopher Ree

  8. A dear friend/ past lover/ someone I still loved/love very much has passed away. He overdosed a few weeks ago. I NEED to know if he really can see me, hear me, and knows what I think or how I feel. I’m in turmoil and that is allll I need to know.

  9. Hi, i lost my boyfriend in Feb 2009.I still miss him alot.My life seems empty without him.instead of getting better i feel like things are worse. I just want to know if he knew how much i really loved him.I want to be reunited with him when i die.

  10. hi, i jusst want to know if my mom is ok? my mom passed away 4-9-09. this is the first time i loose someone so close to me and it was my mom and it hurts me so much. do you know if shes around me so many un anserwed questions does she remeber that evening she didnt even want to talk to me she wanted to go watch t.v. that was the last time i heard her voice

  11. Hi my name is Leah and I lost my mother in April of 2005… On a Friday I told my mom that I was pregnant and she was sooooo happy!! She called me everyday until that next Wednesday I didnt hear from her and on Thurday morning I got the news that she passed away.. I was so heartbroken.. I was getting married in 2 months and I really wanted her to be there….well anyways I ended up having my daughter on her birthday the same year she passed… I just wonder if my mom could have came back as my daughter??? I light a candle for her everyday..and I hope she see it.. I miss her sooooo much… Thank you for listening to my story! Leah from Winter Haven, Fl.

  12. My dear husband hung himself to death (suicide) on the 4th of June and i have only later found that he was very depressed. I have three young children who i belive he loved dearly very dearly indeed. Can he see us, feel us or sense our thoughts and loss and feel the pain we feel.

  13. im genelyn i lost my dad last Nov. 18 2008 , until now the pain never go away just want it to know if his ok now or can he see me and does he know every thing that whats going on to meh right now ? just want to know does he have something to tell me ? some times i blame my self .

  14. Hi Tumi here i lost my fiaance on 16 of Jan 09 and i always try to communicate with him,tell him how this are going for me and his family treating me.asking him to speak to them and help me get ajob so i can take care of his kids.can he really hear me or i’m just waisting my time..what more can i do to connect to him,and how will i know he’s responding….

  15. Hi my husband got killed about 4 months ago, I loved him dearly, i want to know if he know how much I love him, and do you think that he know how much hurt he left us with by his actions to choose death the way he did? I hope that he made it to paraise, he always talked about going to paradise

  16. MY BOYFRIEND PASS AWAY FEB5’2010 IS HE SORRY HE KILLED HIS SELF THAT NIGHT HE PLAYS WITH THE LIGHTS IN THE HOUSE WHAT IS HE TRYING TO TELL ME. IS HE ALWAYS WITH ME. I FEEL LIKE HE NEVER LEFT WHY DID HE KILL HIS self how could he love me and want to be out of my life did he meet my mom yet does he know how much i loved him and how much i wanted to be with him. does he see how hurt i am over all of this does he see what has been going on will he stay with me tell him i love him with all my heart. and i miss him so much was he there when there went in to get him was he there when there told me he passed away

  17. When i was 16 i went out with a fellow got very atatched to him . then had to move with my family a long ways away in time went on with life got married thenI heard from a relative that he had passed away in an accident found it sad but this was years ago then I had the urge to contact his sister and found out the the information I was given about him was wrong and he died 12 yrs after I thought he had and he never married and had lived in a city not far away from where I now live I found this heartbreaking ..As if he wanted me to know the truth ..I have since felt him around warm loving thoughts,,,Miss him but do not wish to hold him and hope to see him one day when my time comes…


  19. Hi, my boyfriend died in a motorcycle accident almost two weeks ago and I miss him dearly. He was such a amazing person and a inspiration to my life. I prey everyday and truly can’t wait to the day we meet ago. I wonder can he see me or does he know that I love him. Also I read this comment that you if you light a white candle and write a note to your love one and then burn it and bury it they will get your message do you think that works?
    Thank you.

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