Is it possible to call an animal towards you like a bird? Christy

Sure, it’s very possible.  It just takes patience and time.  You’ll have to hold very still.  Don’t make any noise or quick moves.  Turn your cell phone off.  Then empty your thoughts of your thinking and try to connect with the wild animal.  Eventually, if the animal is interested in you too, you will see it come closer until it finds where it is comfortable with you.  It’s a good technique to practice. Love, Laura

This story validates Laura’s instructions.  We were hiking through the area that the Group of 7 made famous with their paintings, and had finally selected the “perfect” campsite on a small ridge just above a lovely flowing stream. The next day, we discovered an amazing beaver dam under constuction just a little ways downstream from our campsite, so we headed down to see if we could get a glimpse of the illusive beavers at work.  But of course, they were nowhere to be seen. Every once in awhile we could see the water rippling around their dam, telling us they were active in there, but no other sign of life. We sat quietly for awhile, watching, waiting, but we needed to gather wood for our evening meal, so we gave up after an hour or so. My partner, a photographer, was adamant about wanting to get a good picture of them, so we went back the next day, and again sat quietly, this time for several hours, silently calling them.  Still no sign of them.  We repeated this every day, for the five days we were camped there.  The last night we sent the beavers a specific message something to the effect of:  “we are safe, we just want to see you and tomorrow is our last chance.  Will one of you please come to the surface.  We promise to sit still.” And so we went back, and as promised sat quietly.  To our great amazement, less than 10 minutes later, a lovely sleek beaver swam to the surface and around the dam -one eye on us – clearly checking us out… then she dove down the other side of the dam and a few minutes later popped up in front of us, this time with two little beavers in tow behind her. She swam back and forth in front of us several times, long enough for Russell to get all the pictures he wanted, then slapped her tail on the water and disappeared with her babies back into the dam. We felt blessed! Yes, with patience, and loving thoughts, you can call wild animals and other critters to you –  and you can also keep them away, but that’s another story. Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Calling animals is indeed a possibility. When our ancestors were hunter-gatherers, a prized member of each tribe was the animal caller that could use their skills in speaking with animals to draw animals towards the tribes and their hunters so that the tribal members could be fed. Matt

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