I see small flashes of light. I am seeing white something out of my peripheral vision and also I feel my body go very hot, I hear voices as I fall asleep sometimes my lights flicker. Are all these sensations spirits or am I going crazy? Sometimes when I turn the light off and  settle in my bed, I can see a face or something, it looks like outlines colours of purple and white or is it the effects of my eyes adjusting to the dark? all these things I have experienced, also my radio sometimes turns off by itself for no reason or decides to change station? all I want to know is it something or am I going crazy? many thanks,  Charlotte.

You are not going crazy. I suggest you read up on CROWN CHAKRAS. You are experiencing veils lifting.

In other words somehow something has triggered a psychic gift. Many, including myself, began our psychic journey with experiences such as those you describe. although It is never the same the oddities can be. For example I too have heard whispers, felt the breath against my cheek, had lights go on and off and had other experiences. In short a doorway has opened and the influx of too much information that you do not understand is intensifying your experiences. the beings tht are trying to contact you simply see you as a conduit for information and cannot perceive how their attempts are affecting you and in some cases simply do not care.

One tool many overlook is the power of one’s mind. I have, to much success, simply told spirits off for bothersome intrusions on my psyche. Telling off negative spirits can also help. Let me suggest this. Tell “them” firmly that they are not to bother you without your consent. Light a blue candle in a glass (a seven day candle) for yourself and a white 7 day candle for spirits. Cleanse them by rubbing salt on the outside of the glass and sprinkling salt on top before lighting. If possible let them burn the full 7 days in the bathroom. After 7 days if the inside of the glass is sooty you need to continue to do this until the glass burns clean. Be firm. Study meditation techniques to strengthen your will. these will help. Give it a couple of weeks. Cate

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