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For no particular reason, the face of a beautiful black woman appeared in my mind the other day… I have always been awed by the great beauty that appears in the world's indigenous peoples… the differences fascinate me….perhaps because I am just plain old wrinkled vanilla… the woman I saw […]

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Scary Fridays

These days, most folks welcome Fridays, the beginning of the week-end.  "TGIF" day (Thank God Its Friday) can mean cheap drinks and free food in some bars that serve the 9-5 working crowd. We get excited about Fridays, that is, except for one particular Friday, Friday the […]

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What’s On Your Mind?

You are what you think…. you get what you focus on…. It can be a real challenge to maintain an upbeat, optimistic attitude when the focus of the people and the environment around you is caught up in fear. I had been away from the office for […]

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Beware the Psychic Scams

Again, a warning…. I have been distressed recently at the number of people reporting psychic scams and asking for help to get their money back. Sadly, it is extremely difficult to get justice in these cases. You can try reporting the psychic to the police, the Better […]

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Strange But True – The Grassy Knoll

In the late 80's a group of up to 30 people began gathering in my living room every Monday night to explore our mutual interest in spirituality and to develop the ability to channel. (Channelling is a way of connecting with spirit. In some cases the spirit will speak […]

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