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Strange But True – A Ghost Story

The First Encounter In the early years of my training as a psychic I focused on learning to work with with the Tarot and understanding the universal symbols in the cards – and in everyday life. But spirit had come looking for me several times, so I was […]

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Strange But True – A Doppelgänger?

A weird call from a stranger…  First, what is a Doppelganger? From ThoughtCo" "A Doppelganger is a mysterious, exact double of a living person. It's a German word that literally translates to "double walker" or "double goer". A Doppelganger isn't someone who just resembles you, but is […]

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Strange But True – My Columbus Day Story

The Power of Your Mind Some years ago, I decided to use the Columbus Day week-end to visit my family for Thanksgiving (Cdn Thanksgiving and Columbus Day always fall on the same week-end). We were missing my family and I especially wanted to bring my son to […]

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Strange But True – Telekinesis At Work

Equipment That Talks… Somewhere in my studies, my guides suggested that I could use my telekinetic powers to manage equipment like my computer and my answering machine, (remember when?) and even my car and the weather. Since I had found it relatively easy to connect with people and […]

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Strange But True – To See Without Seeing

Remote Viewing When I was a girl, my mother would complain that I knew too much. It was as if I could hear through walls and see through the floors. Sometimes I didn't understand what they were talking about, but I could tell by my parent's tone whether […]

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