When birds and animals appear around you, especially when they behave in some odd manner as the ducks in this next story do, they are usually carrying a message for you. I keep Ted Andrew's book Animal Speak as a handy reference near my desk to be sure I "get it" when some critter appears around me.

This past weekend, I went to the country to visit  friends, they have lots of land, and animals. They have ducks they have raised. My friend and I were sitting on their front porch, watching the ducks feed, they came in front of me and starting talking, I mean they were trying to tell me something,and they did the duck dance, that is what I call it. I am on a spiritual journey and I know that I am moving to higher levels, I am so excited. I hope this is part of the elevation. Angela

Because of its connection to water, duck energy is associated with the feminine energies, the astral plane, and to all of our emotions. Ducks remind us to drink of the waters of life as well as to nurture our emotional natures. As a totem, ducks can help you to handle your own emotions with greater grace and comfort… a great totem for psychologists and therapists! 

I have a sense that these ducks were telling you to enjoy life to dance your way along your spiritual path… to be fearless in listening to your feelings, and to revel in your feminine, intuitive self. Hope that helps some, Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Hi Angela….I would say most certainly you're moving up to the next level spiritually and good on you…. as it's the right time for this to happen too. The ducks coming to you and trying to talk to you I feel is that this is going to be your next step as in being able to understand animals in a way you never have experienced ever and never thought you did….congratulations on your new level as I have a feeling this is one in which you have also been waiting on happening so its not just to do with animals theres something else too….as in your energy vibratration getting higher…..I wish you all the very best and enjoy your new level of spirituality….blessings, Love & Light xxx Karen

It sounds like you are well on your way to higher levels of knowledge and knowingness! Have you considered the wild duck as a totem? They're way cool – they fly, swim and float, and dive, and this makes them very unique in nature. These abilities alone speak to a sense of the multidimensional within each of us.
Some ducks dive deeply to catch their meals, and this is a totem example of
something we humans quite often don't acknowledge for ourselves – the benefits of going into the underworld (under water) for wisdom. The veil is especially thin these days, so it would be a wise thing to not run away from things that you currently don't understand at their surface appearance

Ducks fly with great effort – they don't soar like eagles, hawks or vultures. This might indicate further work in order to be truly and completely transcendent. Just don't fall into the trap of considering it to be all work and no play, and you should be all set. The joy of true learning is a wonderful and precious thing, and an education of the unseen realms is very different than the constrictions placed on us by the bureaucracies of the formalized educational systems imposed on us by governmental regulation or societal demands, so it might be a good idea to remember what it was like when you were in kindergarten when the world was an open book just waiting for you to color outside the lines if you felt the need to.

You might not resonate with wild duck energies, but they were clearly having
a good time with you, so I'd suggest running with that for the time being. Perhaps their multidimensional abilities were only in your awareness for a short time as a kind of interim totem, and trying to teach you to never settle for any one thing, or any one arena for your life's focus. Many ducks migrate great distances, so they might have been in your life telling you in advance of future travel opportunities.
Who knows how these things work? Only you will! Run with the wild duck energy for as long as it serves you. Just don't be surprised if the ugly duckling becomes a beautiful and majestic swan. Just don't quack up. Sorry, I had to… Peace, Phil the astrologer

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  1. Greeting!  There was a bird that chirping at night  ever time I go out of my door , the same bird which is the Robin was keep flying back in forth from one tree to the other tree. Today is the 4th day that caught my attention, as if he was not afraid … So , I started to to say hello and give the bird attention. I used to sit and say a prayer out of my lawn and I just put the Blessed Mother statue and Jesus in the garden from that time the bird appear and keep following me. Bird to me is bad omen , I don't know this one. Thank you for your time to give this matter some importance to you. 

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