Again, a warning….

I have been distressed recently at the number of people reporting psychic scams and asking for help to get their money back. Sadly, it is extremely difficult to get justice in these cases. You can try reporting the psychic to the police, the Better Business Bureau or any other consumer organizations in your area, and even the IRS.  Although there are a few police forces willing to take action, typically most police will say that they cannot help, it is a civil matter… despite the fact that the psychic has committed crimes of fraud, extortion, intimidation, coercion… these psychics will use whatever means they can to milk their victims, often until they have little left to give… once they have taken all the money they can, the psychic moves on…

I recently ran into your post about suing a psychic.. I payed a "Spiritual Adviser" $500 cash for multiple future sessions.  I pulled money from my savings hoping she could help me when I was in a dark place in my life. We have contact through text and she ignored many of mine until I asked for a reimbursement because I was going to move out of town but she got really defensive and said no, so I agreed to doing our sessions over the phone. We had one session and when I was in town she ignored many of my texts and her office/home has had cars in front but her "Open" sign is never on. It has been a month now and I would like to get my money back for the services that she did not provide. Please help, if possible. Thank you, V

My best advice is always to stay away from the "storefront" psychics and those you may find at amusement parks and fairs. Pick up your bag, leave and never return if any psychic suggests you have been cursed or your aura needs cleansing or there will be a death in the family if you don't pay for some special services, or they can bring back your love with some magical spells…or…. these psychic vampires have a way of finding your "sore" spot and manipulating you into giving up your hard-earned cash.

These psychics prey on your fears and while they may be able to give you some accurate information, their purpose is simply to get you to come back so they can empty your pocketbook… stay away!

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