As a community service, Global Psychics has regularly warned against the various psychic scams that are perpetrated on unsuspecting victims. In our desire to remain objective, our policy has always to identify the scam and let the universe take care of the scammers… However, this is one time when I will break this rule.

In the past week, I received three separate warnings that a seller on eBay, psychicmary09, also known a psychicmary_123 and psychichmary2009,  has been selling readings that she stole from the Sample Readings section of our site.  I was shocked when I recognized my own words in a reading that she had sold- basically taken word for word from our site. She was using our samples as a come-on, selling them for a few pounds through eBay and her own website as a way of getting people to purchase more expensive readings. I have reported her to eBay and PayPal, and expect that she will be banned. Although she is still listed as a seller, last I checked, she had nothing for sale, had removed all of her products. But she will be back, a new name, a new website, a new email, and a new scam. 

My point, dear readers, is that when you are choosing a psychic, look for a reputable site… sites like Ebay, Keen, Kasamba, make it easy for people to list their services, and because there is very little screening done on what is being sold, the psychic vampiress proliferate in that environment. Offers of free readings and cheap reports are usually invitations to be scammed.

Global Psychics is not the least expensive service, and we are not always as easily accessible as other services, but time and again we are told that we are “on point”. We are conscientious about providing accurate, caring – original – answers and we can always be counted on to follow up on a reading. Every member of our team has been personally screened, and has proven their abilities time and again. Not just as gifted readers, but as willing guides, answering the multitude of questions about psychic experiences and spirituality that are submitted to our site every week.

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