Part 8  in a series on applying the Universal Principles to psychic work: The Law of Rhythm – to everything there is a season.

We are familiar with the concept of rhythm in music, but all has a certain rhythm to it… our hormones respond to our body’s rhythm, our environment – the weather – responds to the seasons… life moves along to a certain rhythm, even the planet itself has its own beat. We move along in life in cycles, first childhood, then adolescence, then adulthood and then life as a “senior”… along the way, we fall in love, then marry, have children, buy homes, plant gardens, take vacations, all to a certain rhythm. Holidays like Christmas help us to connect us with the seasons and cycles of our life… they keep us moving along. Whether we see and feel it or not, there is an organized flow in all of the universe – even when it seems like chaos reigns…. the chaos is simply signalling another shift in the rhythm of life.

“Rhythm is the measured motion that occurs between the two poles established by the law of polarity. The universe and everything in it is rhythmic. Life itself is a rhythmic process, full of periodicities, repetition, and recurrent cycles. Rhythm is organized vibration. Rhythm is to melody, what vibration is to musical notes. As the atoms and molecules within our cells vibrate in harmony with the larger rhythms of the body, so too, the rhythms of the body harmonically mirror the cycles of the cosmos and celestial spheres. All too often, our natural rhythms are disturbed by the unnatural effects of technology or lifestyle. Electromagnetic fields disturb normal body rhythms….

An infinite combination of natural rhythms and cosmic timing frequencies influence life on earth – day/night, lunar phases, sunspot cycles, planetary movements, the monthly influences of the zodiac, and the great astrological ages. The seasons of our solar year, and the seasons of the Great Year are represented by the 26,000-year cycle known as the precession of the equinoxes. The seasons of the Great Year bring recurring, predictable kinds of evolutionary change to our planet. These changes are the surges upon which civilizations rise and fall. The Great Year is the prophecy wheel, the monitor of time, the central core of world mythology.

The oneness of creation, in its continual expansion, is always manifesting perfectly in divisions of itself, and this creates two basic forces – expansion (centrifugality) and contraction (centripetality). This echoes again the law of polarity, Yin and Yang, which describes the shifting forces that complement yet repel each other, that merge and transmute in continual spirals of power and inertia. Likewise on/off, in/out, hot/cold, day/night, etc, are not really pulsating contradictions, but aspects of the time-space continuum we call reality. Understanding the law of rhythm helps one hear the base rhythm of harmony amidst increasing dissonance. It lets you know when a chord change is coming up, or when the Big Picture is about to be radically transformed.

Applying the Law of Rhythm:

We tend not to think much about the rhythms in our life, we simply float along with them, move with them, until we find we have lost the beat – sometimes due to illness, or some shock or trauma… perhaps just because it was time to change our tunes… then we can be taken aback, increasing anxiety levels in us, making us prone to illness and breakdowns in relationships.

1998 was a year of radical change for me. I bought both a new car and a house and moved from a hectic life in Toronto to a very quiet neighbourhood near my parents in London, Ontario. My son and I were alone again together after a decade of living co-operatively, first homestaying foreign students in our home, then also sharing it with my business and various members of our extended family. As soon as we arrived in our new home, I became ill and for the next many months I complained repeatedly that I’d lost my rhythm in the move… I couldn’t find the pulse, just couldn’t pick up the beat of my new life – and thus I was extraordinarily fatigued, distracted around my work, unable to focus on any real progress.

Fortunately, by this time in my life, I know what to do when I recognize that I’m out of step.. I can remember having been very confused when I lost the beat in the past. This time I relaxed with it, spent lots of time in my garden, took time to get to know my new home, focused on doing what I most enjoyed as much as possible… by falling into witness mode on my life, becoming an observer for a time, and then grounding myself with tasks that kept me focused on present time, I was able to pick up the beat again.

We encourage developing psychics to attune themselves to the rhythms of the earth and the cycles of life in order to be able to read clearly. The moon and the stars influence our ability to make change in our lives, so it is essential to have a basic understanding of where they are at any given time in order to predict accurately what the probable outcomes will be. There is indeed a season for everything… as psychics, it is essential that we are able to see the flow, catch the rhythm of our client’s lives… Through an understanding of the Law of Rhythm, we can determine whether we’re on an upbeat or a downbeat, whether the cycle is about expansion or contraction, whether we’re at the beginning, the middle, or the end of a cycle – and with that information, we can decide on the best course of action, for ourselves or for our clients.

We are in the midst of a grand change of cycle at this point in our history, a shift in the rhythms of life that may not seem so obvious in the present, but will prove to be a game-changer in the end… psychics and mystics around the world are feeling it… it is manifesting in our environment, the changes in weather patterns and increasing volcanic activity… it is manifesting in our political and economic systems as we demand greater integrity and a more loving approach to governing ourselves… but it is also manifesting in our client’s lives – in your lives… many of us are being pushed to our limits at this time, pushed to let go of our pasts and our old pains…we are being pushed to reassess our attitudes and beliefs, to become more accepting of others, to be more loving, as never before in our history… Mother Earth herself is responding to the shift in rhythm, shifting her weight in response to the shifting energies… and just as I was disconcerted by the change in the rhythms of my life after my move, the earth – and all who are part of it, are feeling disturbed, confused and downright chaotic… the beat is changin. We are at the beginning again… it is natural for us to be afraid and confused until we can find the rhythm of this new age.

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  1. Ok my first experience was when I was 9 or 10 just estimate  we was swimming an all I remember that my brother said he Goin upstairs  to use the bathroom then remembered iwas  at the pool then I had a dream of what my brother did when he went upstairs  I saw everything he did  2 talk to two of my friends who died 3  I  now I can feel spirits by me around  good and bad some of them tell me real things about my life they talk to me and I though I was losing my mind but it kept Goin till today I can feel good and bad kind  now I can  feel small kine sense psychic I can feel people feeling I can sense bad people  I  by touching them but if u or anyone can tell me  cause I wanna see if my fake power but I true no I have

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