My son played with the Ouija board and brought a spirit out!  I know because my dog keeps barking at him and growling, she won’t attack him because she knows his voice!! How do I get rid of it???  Melissa

Ouija boards should NEVER BE USED by children. In unskilled hands, a doorway can be opened. fortunately this spirit does not seem harmful and only your dog sees him.

Go to a New Age store if you have one around and get a sage bundle and sweet grass braid. The store will know what this is.

If you do not have such a store, purchase dried sage from your spice section but you will need quick lighting charcoal to burn it.

Go online and look up New Age stores as you can order the bundle and braid online as well.  For the time being, burn the dried sage on the charcoal and waft it throughout your house. Keep the windows open. You will have to keep adding the dried sage as you go around. As you do this (and/or with the braid and bundle ) say a prayer you believe in and firmly command the spirit to leave and return to peace. After doing this ,sprinkle salt on the outside of your house and line the floor of the entrance door and any back doors with salt. Also salt your window sills.

Keep us posted. As for the board? Gift to an adept or burn it….

I hope this helps

In Spirit


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