by Chris Fuentes

Psychic power is amazing. One day, it may very well revolutionize living and impact the three pure sciences (physics, chemistry, biology) in a never before dreamed way. I find that today, however, psychic ability remains dormant in society.

When I say “Dormant”, I don’t mean undeveloped. Some individuals are quite impressive with their powers. I mean un-used. When a psychic is bestowed a gift or (more likely) develops a gift of the mind through perserverence and determination, they have completed a magnificant feat. 

However, we must recall that the majority of the world is still suffering at the hands of their own egos.

What I feel we need to do is begin to use these abilities to help people, wherever there is need. I am not talking about a sort of Batman’s Adventure heroic quest to save the world, I am talking about a local level of subtle aid. I am certaintly not saying to go around and brush your abilities into peoples lives unwelcomed with a cry of “you need help”. 

There are small things that we can all do, and those of us with gifts need to really try to make a difference in the world.

I see that meditation is becoming more popular. Though the practice does much for the physical body and mind, it by itself doesn’t help our society. Gifted members of our society, I believe, need to go all the way to seek a means of escape from suffering both for themselves and for their surrounding environment.

My message to you is that there Is a way to escape from the grief that we all experience, and there Is a way to spread that joy to our brothers and sisters, and that those of us who are spiritual aware should act now. 

We are the “sleeping Buddhas” in Eastern philosophy.

What follows is my roadmap for this task.

Take a moment and sit, comfortably, like for meditation.

 Now, release all thoughts and images.

 Release all understanding.

 Release all knowledge.

 No more light, sound, taste, nothing.

Thoughts will come, but take no heed: do not follow them.

Relax into this void. You will feel the void fill your body like water filling a bucket, but all over at the same time.

Perservere through this alien feeling; it will cease with perserverence.

When this feeling stops, when you come through the other side, then you will have attained Samadhi: Union with God: Enlightenment. It is no difficult task.

You don’t have to try this or believe me at all. If I am wrong then you are best off disregarding me. But if what I say is true….

The most I can tell you about the experience of being Enlightened is that you feel complete. That defines the whole thing. From there, We can use our psychic powers combined with our wisdom to become the saviours of the planet. In this time of war and confusion, the world needs forbearers of PEACE. That is what an enlightened being is. That is what you can become.

Awakening is simple. The rest… will come in time.


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