… the orchestra played as they danced….and the Titanic sank…

When I think of the state of Planet Earth, that’s the visual that has so often come to mind in the last few years.  I don’t understand why the world’s leaders are acting like it’s business as usual when catastophe could change everything in what seems like an instant… what I am referring to is the news about the melting in the Arctic and Greenland, disturbing, to say the least.

Earlier this summer I read that Greenland was melting at unprecedented levels.  It reminded of the time that  I felt as if I were witnessing that land birthing itself. Some 15 years ago, on a flight from the U.K., our pilot suggested that we look out our windows… It was an exceptionally clear morning and he was flying low over Greenland. A wondrous wilderness lay below us,  quite literally steaming as the warm air touched the normally ice-covered lands… that image haunts me… and with the news of this year’s unusual melt, I was deeply concerned… despite the fact that our scientists tell us that this is a normal cycle for Greenland, every 150 years… I remembered what I had seen in our 2012 predictions – that  things will have a way of piling up this year – one event by itself may not be so serious, but repetitions could be devastating…

The news this week added to my concern… a summary from http://news.slashdot.org/story/12/09/21/1255201/rapid-arctic-melt-called-planetary-emergency:

 “Drawing on new data released Wednesday by the National Snow and Ice Data Center that the Arctic ice pack has melted to an all time low within the satellite record (video), NASA climate scientist James Hansen has declared the current reality a ‘planetary emergency.’ As pointed out by Prof. David Barber from the University of Manitoba, ‘The thaw this year broke all the records that we had previous to this and it didn’t just break them, it smashed them.’

And from: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-19508906

“Scientists in the Arctic are warning that this summer’s record-breaking melt is part of an accelerating trend with profound implications.
Norwegian researchers report that the sea ice is becoming significantly thinner and more vulnerable.
Last month, the annual thaw of the region’s floating ice reached the lowest level since satellite monitoring began, more than 30 years ago.
It is thought the scale of the decline may even affect Europe’s weather.
The melt is set to continue for at least another week – the peak is usually reached in mid-September – while temperatures here remain above freezing.
The Norwegian Polar Institute (NPI) is at the forefront of Arctic research and its international director, Kim Holmen, told the BBC that the speed of the melting was faster than expected.
“It is a greater change than we could even imagine 20 years ago, even 10 years ago,” Dr Holmen said “And it has taken us by surprise and we must adjust our understanding of the system and we must adjust our science and we must adjust our feelings for the nature around us.”

We expected that water would be an issue in 2012 (see our annual predictions), and certainly we have seen both drought and flood conditions plaguing many parts of the planet through most of this year, but the news of the Northern meltdown is most discomfiting.

The potential for long-term climate changes is gaining strength.. As we look out our windows, the landscape may appear to be the same as it always has… but look again, subtle changes in the earth’s temperature are changing water currents and wind speeds… changes may seem “normal”, cyclical, but I think we all need to be alert, awake to the shifts that will affect our children and grandchildren…

I am nervous… we should all be watchful, noticing… and noisy!  It is time our leaders awaken, time we stop arguing about whether there is really a problem, and what, if anything we should do about it; time we get serious about fixing the imbalances that threaten our comfortable lives… it is time we each awaken, that we each be alert to the shifts around us… and do what we can to reduce, reuse, recycle… and protect our children’s futures.

So what are you doing to help the planet heal? Are you awake, noticing, alert – and willing to make some changes? Let’s each stop dancing, and start noticing – and reacting! Let us each  focus on doing what we can, where we can.

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  1. One thing I have noticed – and I have actually kept my mouth shut about it as I figured it was “just me” … however more and more I am starting to believe that there is something to what I’ve noticed …
    I’m talking about birds. Not just a few birds but literally HUNDREDS of birds …. huge flocks of them – and almost every day I have seen this for the past 2-3 months.

    These flocks of birds are so significant – so large – I’ve never seen anything like it before. Yards will be literally COVERED in small birds – just today I went for a drive and just up the street a neighbour’s yard was smothered in little wrens – I swear you couldn’t even make out a blade of grass because there were just so many of them.

    A few weeks ago, I was sitting here actually making a few of my necklaces, when all of a sudden I heard this very strange sound – which sounded to me almost like a water pipe burst in the house and there was major water rushing out. I followed the sound … which took me out to my dining room area and back door. Hmmm … the sound was coming from outside. Even the dogs were wondering what the heck was going on. I opened the door and I look over to my right where a bunch of trees line my property; there had to have been a few hundred starlings sitting in those trees … every single one of them chirping a mile a minute and as loud as they possibly could. Once again … I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. Nor have I ever heard anything like it for that matter. And realize they were SO LOUD – all my windows were closed. No doors were open. And I was on the far side of the house … but still I heard them loud and clear.
    Seeing majorly huge flocks of these little birds are now becoming commonplace for me – every day I see flocks comprised of at least a hundred – or more. And truly, I am questioning WHY? I cannot find anything on the Internet that really answers or addresses what I have been experiencing. I do realize that I have this very strong yet strange ability to attract wildlife/animals to me … but even by THOSE standards I know full well that this is JUST NOT NORMAL!
    Much love
    Lisa Caza

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