So you want to develop your psychic ability, but you don’t know how? Here’s  a beginning point…

Part 2 in a series on applying the Universal Principles to psychic work – and your life.

To be effective as a psychic – and in life – we must understand how the universe  functions. Some would have us believe that all it takes is a positive attitude to get the Law of Attraction working in our favour…. but many factors  play into our creation abilities. To read for anyone, or to be successful in achieving our goals, we need an understanding of the laws that define the basics of energy dynamics.  These are the Cosmic Laws that govern  how and what we create, and how effectively we can attract what we want in life.

How is it that we create our reality? How is it possible to get energy moving at the speed and in the direction we want? It all begins with the Universal Truths that underlie all of creation. Most  of us are familiar with the beliefs that are fundamental to working with our  creative abilities – and functioning as a psychic. These are the four Universal  Truths that form both the foundation and the framework for understanding and  working with the Cosmic Laws:

  1. All is One
  2. We are all connected to the One, all of the time
  3. All has purpose.
  4. We create through our thoughts, feelings and loving actions, with love being
    the balancing force that enables us to grow and evolve

Once you accept these fundamental truths, life takes on a whole new meaning.  Every activity, individual or event in your life begins to hold new value. You begin to move away from the fear and anxiety that holds us trapped in  a victim consciousness… and once you choose not to be a victim of the circumstances  of  your life, you find you have more power than you ever dreamed possible….  the impossible becomes reachable with an understanding of your role in the creation  process – when you begin consciously working with the flow of energy around  you.

As a psychic, these simple truths explain how it is that I can see and read  the pure energy associated with a client’s question…. It is through  my connection with the One, that I am able to communicate with the souls of  others, and with animals,  trees, rocks, the sky, the lakes and rivers, the earth…..   I am connected with all of creation all of the time, so it is simply a matter  of tuning to the right frequencies, and through this Oneness I can communicate  with anyone or anything I choose (that chooses to communicate with me.).

Understanding that there’s purpose, lessons and growth in even the most  difficult of circumstances also makes it much easier to have compassion  for myself, and for others –  and to provide the insights that will enable a client to break through into  happier, more harmonious and loving times.

Knowing that we create through our thoughts, feelings and actions and that  love is the balancing force guides me in following through on my own plans and also in counselling my clients about how they can change their futures – what they can do to positively influence their  circumstances, to move away from their traumas and ultimately, to heal…

When I first came upon the Universal Truths,  I was appalled that I would have created such a hard and painful life for myself,  but I was also so excited I could barely sit still… for the first time  in my life I began to see my power, I could see that I also contained the potential  for joy and that becoming more conscious of my creative powers could make it possible to find a more productive and satisfying direction in life, to make the most of my time and energy.

And these truths helped  me to understand and make better use of my psychic abilities.

The four Universal Truths empower!

Watch for the next article in this series outlining the Cosmic Laws.

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  1. Hi, I think it takes a journey to get to this place. I have been articulating All is One for a long time. Maybe we plant the seeds of something WONDERFUL ( 1 Dr. Full) and eventually others catch up, take the golden ball and run with it. Dance!

    Maybe all we can do is throw tiny bright sparks to others, and rejoice when they finally “get” something so beautiful, so true!


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