A Message from Phil the astrologer :

As Mars starts to move direct again in March, through it’s retrograde shadow into mid May, we’ll all be in the process of rebuilding and refining our “small e” egos to prepare us for July and August, with some wonderful lunations throughout. Those New and Full Moons will be opportunities to surrender to trust and faith, without regard to our self-centered ambitions of the new year so far. Unfortunately, right now (essentially the first three months of 2010) is the time to deconstruct our egos, to throw off whatever envelops us from hurt feelings and sensing that we’re stuck. What remains by May will be the really important self awareness that will need to stay with us.

Sure, it can be a difficult process to go through, but if we treat it like the journey that life itself is, we’ll be all set. There’s new scenery to enjoy right around the bend, and it will get here before we know it.

Peace, Phil

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