It is not so unusual as you might think to have a passionate encounter with spirit. In many cases, these experiences are attributed to astral travelling, two lovers connecting in the astral plane, when they can’t on the physical. Sometimes these experiences come as a forewarning of a new love to come into your life…. so be alert in the weeks following such an experience! Spirit may be trying to get your attention for good reason!

Very occasionally these encounters are associated with a dark energy that is attempting to gain control of or at least access to a specific individual or space… in these cases, it is important to do a clearing, to say prayers, and actively reject the dark energy by raising one’s vibrational frequency… While these encounters may start out to be loving and exciting, they will soon turn ugly and very scary. Most often these episodes are reflecting deep-rooted fears, inner turnoil and even mental or emotional dysfunction, so it is best to get help in the case of such a frightening experience.

Most often however, passionate encounters with spirit are quite benign, fun, interesting, but somewhat disappointing, a let down when you realize that it wasn’t real, there is no physical body to snuggle with…

Can someone leave their body to come over a distance as spirit to have sex with you? And if so, how does that work? How much time do they have to get back or is there no time limits? Jessica

I’ve heard of such things between two consenting adults who are already in a loving and committed sexual relationship, but I’ve always wondered whether or not they were stretching the truth in order to impress others with their psychosexual prowess. Hmmm, I think I just invented a new word!

I’m guessing that two people would have to mutually conspire to do so, although it is well known that people can send healing energies through the air with what a friend calls “distance reiki.” She sent me some one day when I was at work, and all I wanted to do was sing and dance! Oh, and we became lovers shortly afterward. Sigh…

As for time constraints, I’d have to think that it can all happen at the speed of thought, which is probably faster than the speed of light. This might also be as fast, or as slow, as the non-denominational speed of prayer, which has been proven to exist using scientific methodology involving patients in a local (Duke University) hospital setting. Devout clergy of many different faiths prayed for the post-operative recovery of specific patients, and they healed much faster than patients who weren’t prayed for, but I digress.

Regardless, it’s probably the safest sex there is! Peace, Phil the astrologer

I personally feel that many, many  people astral  (travel) (me being one of them) in which I am very blessed with gift  too….which is leaving your body so your spirit can travel on the astral plane….you can go many places…

I myself have been to many places…..also to many friends (even in a different country) although I haven’t experienced what you did so saying that I would say it is possible at a distance in this way such as in the astral traveling (but this isn’t physical)…..

Places you have never been in your life….also I strongly believe time holds of no need in the astral plane too….there is no time (my personal opinion)….hope this helps you, sending you much love, health and happiness, blessings, Love & Light xxx Karen

Dear Jessica: yes someone can leave their body it is called astral travel, they can come and merge emotionally with you but as for having actual sex no, as they have no physical body to do that with….Jody

  1. not sure where to start…been very psychic since early childhood…tried ignoring it,,tried covering it with alcohol and drugs..finally gave up and decided to deal with it..watched {in my head} as family members died and then saw it happen in real life..was warned many times of impending danger which has saved my and others lives…always have hidden it, thinking it more a curse than an ability..even flew through the air in a dream..i flew to an area i used to party at, flew through the window of a car and took the steering wheel from a hysterical girl just as she floored the gas and plummeted off a cliff, guided it down to safety, and then flew away..only the next day’s news of the ”accident” and the miracle of the girl not being harmed really slapped me in the face..also hear thoughts..not all the time…not everyone…but enough to make me quite anti social…anyway to get to the point..i have always heard, or thought i did, other peoples thoughts..a few times i repeated what i heard and from the looks on the peoples faces i heard correctly..i have this friend..i think alot of her..she is the only person in this world i have divulged the secrets of my curse to….she is engaged to be married..i know nothing of the state of their relationship..have only met him twice…anyway i started all of the sudden feeling her thinking of me…it would be every morning at 6 am sharp, about the time she would have to get up for work…i would feel her for around an hour most times..on the weekends it is later, and lasts for hours, sometimes all day…..during the day i can feel her just all of the sudden she is real hard on my mind, and its not that i decided to think of her, its just like bam there she is…at night 930-10 there she is again…every night…no matter what im doing which usually is alot…now to the part that prompted this note….i went to see her yesterday..i saw a bright sparkle in her eyes..i awoke this morning, laying in bed after coffee quite awake..all of the sudden i feel her there..i feel the things she was doing..i feel every move..i know it is her…she is having sex with me…i know im not losing my mind,,i was watching my three sons so its not like i was fantasizing..i could feel her changing positions…every little move…this went on for two hours..only one other time in my life has anything like this happened…i was driving down the road listening to the radio when all the sudden some spirit girl is sitting in my lap kissing all over me…..while i have for a long time been very interested in her, i have always declined to try to initiate anything more, as we have a very good friendship and i would hate to mess that up…but at the same time, if she is interested in me like she must be from all the unseen activity i keep getting from her, then i might have to think about carrying it further…i am wondering, how in the world should i approach this, or should i just leave it alone ?..while i have had alot of psychic type things happen none has impacted me like this at all..she knows i feel/see things..i know she knows i would pick up on me please…

    • I realize this was written a long time ago, but I just found it googling psychic sex. I have had a similar experience with a man I haven't seen or talked to in 14 or 15 years. Sometimes I think I can actually feel him having sex with me. It's soooo nuts. I don't know if he's doing something or what could make that happen. It's happening a lot lately. I also hear people's thoughts sometimes, I used to see auras, and I sometimes just suddenly know things about people that I could not possibly know. Then I realize that I'm right. I suppose we both just have very sensitive central nervous systems. They pick up on the slightest energies. It's weird to feel like you're having sex with someone who isn't there. So Weird!!!

  2. No,but its happening with me since a year n I am v upset with this now n have told my partner nt to get indulge into this n meet me directly but it is nt working, n he keep forcing with emotional urge at psychic level n keep repeating,I find this v disturbing at my personal space,dont know wht to do ?

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