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I am very grateful to find sites such as this. I’m so intrigued by all aspects of paranormal, psychic, NDE, etc… My question is when a loved one passes and then reincarnates is there any communication left between their soul and myself. I went to a medium and she told me my sister was going to be coming back really soon. She said I would meet her in her new body and would have a feeling and that I would connect and know who she was. I’m just curious about this because some say your loved ones who pass are always “with you”. I almost felt seperated from her and I don’t want to lose that special connection I feel I have with her. Renee

As long as there is love between you and your sister, there is a connection and her soul can hear your prayers and questions….. spirit is much bigger than we think, capable of surmounting obstacles of time and space… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Hello, I have had a few experiences but lately they are becoming more and more real. My husband’s father past away in January of 1997 (Henry is his name Pet nick name). Recently me and my husband were watching food net where they were talking about jelly beans, our children’s toy would automaticallly go off talking without anyone being near it. I had a feeling it was Pet and I started encourage my husband to talk with him. That’s when he said that he used to love jelly beans – his favorite candy. When we were sitting there talking about him, I was going thru all kinds of emotions. Feeling strong energy, seing shadows of a figure standing next to us when I blink and lights out of the corner of my eyes. On top of that the toy would just keep going off talking and I would also feel like someone was touching the buttom of my foot because it would get very very hot almost burning like sensation. A few weeks prior to this I was decorating my children’s room and I had my knee on the kids bed so the bottom of my foot was exposed. I suddenly felt a feather like touch going down across my foot, so I thought I stepped on paper and it rolled of my foot. But when I looked there was no paper, so I ignored it, turned back to do what I was doing the same thing happened , then I knew someone was there. I felt very hot and again someone’s strong energy. I’m thinking it was my father in law Pet/Henry.What do you think and how can I progress my “talents, thank you Anastasia.

I think that indeed Pet/Henry came for a visit to let you know he’s OK and that he still lives, if without a body…he probably was watching the work you were doing in yoru children’s rooms and wanted you to know that he approves. I think you are a natural medium… Try reading the works of George Hamilton-Parker and James Von Praagh for some good insights on mediumship. Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

About Fears Made Manifest

About 14 years ago I was playing with the board you know the one that you can talk to spirits. Well one night I played it and I got real scared. My sister lived next door and I ran over there and she went back with me and could see flashes of light moving around me and felt evil. I didn’t play with it anymore but……..since them sometimes when I’m sleeping, well not sleeping because I’m aware of whats going on but no one can hear me when I cry for help. See I get pulled out of my body and I’m in a tunnel and spinning towards it. It doesn’t feel right it feels evil. I have never gone all the way through the tunnel I’m always able to come back by saying In the name of God I rebuke you. It takes awhile and I feel very scared but I seem to be stronger then it I always wondered what would happen if I went through the tunnel until the end?? My sister has the same thing happen to her but she sees a dark figure and sometimes it tries like to choke her. She isn’t as strong as me and has a hard time getting out of it. Now my niece is having the same kind of dreams I guess I will call it that. My sister is able to see spirits and I havent been able to do that but sometimes feel them I think around me. Any advice would be appreciated.

The two of you are seeing your fears and anxieties manifesting as spirit, choking you, scaring you… Call the Light to you when you go to bed, say some prayers, ask for protection, see yourselves surrounded in white Light which is protective in nature… and work on getting past your fears, being loving, of yourself and others… the higher your vibrational frequency, the less likely it is that any negative energies or entities can reach you. Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Do Spirits Eat?

You have a lovely site! It’s quite interesting as my husband is a psychic/medium/channeler and I am an intuitive and it’s really interesting to read what your readers have to say about the afterlife. I was reading the questions about the afterlife and I had to giggle when I saw the question about if spirits eat or not. I once asked my spirit guide naively if spirits ate or had any kind of sustenance at all and her reply was “Love, if I were to eat anything, it would fall straight to me feet!” Apparently, all the other spirits around were giggling at me for asking this question…LOL! So, this is a question that I think quite a few people have. I felt very silly asking afterward, but at least I know the answer now. I will continue to browse through the site and recommend it to my friends. Thank you! Many blessings, Paula

Paula, thanks for sharing, loved your story of asking about eating… and the response… good guides have a great sense of humour! Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

About Reincarnation and The Gathering of Relatives in Spirit

I have a question about reincarnation. I read your info which I find more than complete, I must say excellent. But I’ve always asked myself this: when we die, we are received by our loved ones or by our spirit group or however you may call it. What about them? Do they reincarnate? How come they are there, waiting for us instead of been in a body?. I remember when my grandma recently died that she called all the family members that were dead. She was in agony and didn’t call any person alive. All were dead. Sometimes I entered the room and I could feel their loving presence there, trying to comfort her because she was so afraid to die. Why they are still spirits? Or is she wanting to perceive those good spirits like her old family members? Hope you can answer my question… Bright Blessings for you all.. Ivette

What you describe around your grandmother is a phenomenon that I have seen and heard of time again… in fact I was reading for someone who was inquiring about a very ill relative just yesterday and I could see the gathering of relatives had already begun. The relatives gather to help the person across safely, to help them adjust to their new spirit body and to guide them to the next steps, the evaluation and healing that happens after each lifetime… You ask a good question… as I understand it, our spirit energy is capable of many things… for example in the cases that you describe, if someone has already reincarnated as someone else, how can they appear as their previous incarnation on the other side… the answer is easy, our spirits are capable of being in more than one place at once… Hope that helps… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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