by Anatara and the angels

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The days are here in which we may awaken to the depth of a free soul… a soul which no longer needs to live as the subject of the laws of karma. Karma, in and of itself, has served us well as individuals, and as we are in reality, a part of the grander community of humanity itself.

But we have been experimenting for long enough. If we knew what we had planned to learn prior to our arrival in this particular here and now, this life time, wouldn’t it make it a lot easier to see the clues and understand what we were doing, and why our friends and family are who they are?

When we stepped into our first experience of life on earth, we willing came into many lifetimes of being caught on a treadmill of association with other souls and with soul lessons. ( I often like to think of our free and joyful spirits deciding, in a kind of pre-birth planning, that we would subject ourselves to these lifetimes of illusion and suffering, without really knowing what the experiment would be like, or where it might lead us.

It seems sometimes, akin to the idea of a child willingly being born into a situation of horrible starvation or abuse.) But this is the kind of pre-birth planning that we have all agreed to at some time.

The truth is that we have all been many things, or at least our souls have been.

Our spirit essences have tried on many different personalities, and experimented with infinite expressions of being human, both positive and negative.

We have the opportunity in this current phase of the life of humanity, to look into and find out about the ‘why’s’ and ‘what’s” of who we are, not only this time around, but in other life times. And to ask real questions about what we agreed and planned to do in this and previous life times.

With the knowledge and understanding gained many experiences and especially emotions suddenly make sense. We can eliminate the usual kinds of responses we might have to a current life situation, and use the energy instead to focus on completing that which we planned on prior to birth. That which we came to do.

I mentioned that we could awaken to the depth of a free soul.

Find out what you intended to do while you are here, free yourself from the suffering and the excruciating pain of feeling lost and disconnected because this is not yet clear to you.

The following is an excerpt from a recent pre-birth planning reading:

“You Have come into this life time looking for the authentic you. Wondering how to challenge yourself sufficiently, so that you are convinced that you exist not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well. There is an aspect of your deepest soul essence that wants to find out if you are valuable enough, of a high enough character to be seen as capable, successful and on the most basic level, even loveable. Are there parents, friends, colleagues, partners, children who will see you and give you an acceptable evaluation? Will they respect your opinions, feel what your heart desires and love you no matter how you behave?

This is a tall order…let’s examine how this has been actualized in your real life experience. Here is a snap shot.

You came into a family of militarists, who wanted you to be tough, they wanted you to fight, go hunting, watch and participate in rugged sports. You wanted to read, to study history, to spend your time in intellectual development. You wanted to be at the library.

Your Father and brother fought with you physically. You cowered, could never really relax even in your own bed room, because you literally did not know when they would pounce on you.

Your interests were not taken seriously, it felt to you as if you were a stranger in a strange land. No one listened to you, took you seriously or listened to what you felt or what you wanted. They even tried to control your choice of career.

Where was the real you?

Were you allowed to make your own choices?

Did you feel safe being who you really are?

The pre-birth agreements with yourself allowed the possibilities for these experiences.

Do you feel understood now?

Do you feel that any of the choices that you make now are respected or treasured?

You have great skill and ad value in your world… do you believe this?

Rise above some of this…take a deep breath, allow yourself to believe that you are OK the way that you are…allow yourself to believe that you are of value…look every day for an indication that you have experienced at least one thing that feels like the authentic you….”

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