The Relevance of Color – Color In Our Everyday Lives

Any decorator or designer will tell you how important color is in our lives… the colors around us can change our moods, make us more or less active, productive, amorous, glamorous… As a psychic, I have found it very important to understand the meaning and impact of different colours so I could interpret and understand what I was seeing in visions and auras.

Why? Because science will tell you that each color is associated with a specific vibrational frequency. In fact, each color can be associated with a musical note! When there is a predominance of one or two colors in our environment, that vibrational frequency – and the characteristics or qualities associated with that frequency – will tend to influence the activities conducted in that environment – and the attitude of those in it, and even around it.

Over the years, I have advised many of my clients about their need to work with color. It is not unusual for me to turn to a client all in black to tell him or her to stop wearing that color, it was dragging them down. The colors we wear often reflect our state of mind. So, when folks are feeling sad or unhappy about their lives, they go into a kind of “mourning” for their lost happiness and black and grey become their favourite colors… If you are one of these folks, you will find that wearing bright colours, yellows, and reds especially,shifts – lifts – your mood and you will feel more lively, ready to be inspired by life again. Color is actually a powerful healing agent.

Says Sir Martin Brofman in his work on the Body/Mirror system

Each of the chakras is energy vibrating at a certain frequency, in a logical and orderly sequence of seven vibrations. As we move up the scale, the elements become more and more subtle, moving through the five physical elements of earth, water, fire, air, and ether, to the spiritual elements of inner sound and inner light. The heaviest element is on the bottom, the lightest on the top. It is a logical and orderly sequence.

The colors of the spectrum also represent a series of seven vibrations in a logical and orderly sequence, as do the notes of the musical scale. Thus, we can put the heaviest vibrations or the longest wavelength on the bottom and the lightest on the top, and a particular color can be used to represent a chakra in its clear state, as can a particular musical note. Music played in a certain key vibrates a particular chakra, and we feel a particular way when we hear that music. Our relationship with a certain color says something about our relationship with the part of our consciousness that the color represents.

Changing the color in a room, through paint, lighting or accessories will have a direct and profound affect on everything in the room – and everything that goes on there. The same applies to web site design, the choice of colors for your business or institution, and even the colors you choose to wear.

Try wearing a bright red, green or pink on the days that you are feeling down. Wear red when you want to make a power play or close a deal. (The late Prime Minister Trudeau always wore a red rose in his lapel to signify his power – and to remind him to stay with it.) Wear browns, greens, oranges and any of the earth tones when you want folks to feel comfortable around you. Wear blues – and especially turquoise, and bright sunny yellows when you want to stimulate some good ideas. Add red if you want folks to take action on these ideas!

Surround yourself with a bubble of white light when you are fearful – it is protective – and visualize yourself in a bubble of pink and green light when you want to attract, love, romance – and money! Or when you want to generate some healing energy within you. And you can send this color of light to anyone you know who might need healing!

How is it that some folks can so easily read our moods? Whether they realize it or not, they are sensing, on some level of their being, our auras, registering the colors there and remembering what the color means. Whether we realize it or not, each of us emanates color in our aura. Some of us are walking rainbows, some of us are black holes… Most of us will show a predominance of one or two colors in our auras, depending on our mental, emotional or physical health. And almost all of us see these colors or aura’s consciously or unconsciously.

Color plays as important a role in our lives as light and love do… and when we understand the meaning of colors and the vibrational frequencies associated with each, we can unleash their power in our lives.

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