What to do when your world appears to be crumbling around you? Lighten up!!!

Desperate Times, Desperate Measures? Maybe not… From the first rumble in the markets, we’ve been advising our clients, family and friends not to panic. Instead, to focus on the upside of life, to have faith, stay the course, to respond by seeking ways of cutting costs and getting back to basics both at home and in business.

Our phones almost stopped ringing in the past week, but I’m not surprised. Many of you are nervous right now, holding back, wondering how you will fare, and if you can recover from this wild ride in the markets. Retirement incomes and educational funds have melted away as the markets finally react to a reality that many of us have been living with for over a year – a worldwide economic depression is upon us!

As psychics, we have been warning of this possibility for many years – it is a much-needed reality-check that has been hanging over our heads for decades. The market has been artificially stimulated and then propped up for too long,

We’ve been wondering when folks would wake up – we have seen the energy gaining strength around this collapse since the late 90’s. It is part of an even greater shift in consciousness. The wake up call was given a long time ago. Unfortunately, because everyone waited to be forced awake all at the same time, the effect has been devastating, with shock waves reverberating around the world…

So, what to do, how to cope? Even if you have not been directly affected, you could be as the contraction trickles down…

The solution for all of us caught in this maelstrom is to lighten up.

As a psychic, I am sensitive to the energy, and the energy of these times is pretty heavy – each of us needs to find ways of lightening up, both in our inner and our outer worlds.

Lighten Up in your inner world

  • Uplift yourself, laugh, get into some funny movies, lose yourself in a good book, play with the kids, take your dog for a walk… distract yourself from your anxieties with activities that make you feel good. Smile!
  • Limit your exposure to the media so you are not dragged into the mass consciousness of fear that has overtaken the entire world.
  • Verbalize your fears. One of the healthiest ways of coping with fear is to acknowledge it, express it, share it with those who care for you. Unload so you don’t explode.
  • Focus on the upside, on what is good, loving and positive in your life, be grateful for the small things in your life.

Lighten in your outer world

  • Unclutter your life, have a yard sale and sell off everything you don’t like, need or use, then donate what’s left to a local charity.
  • Consider your options, for example instead of paying for a movie, stay home, invite a few friends over and get the cards or a board game out… instead of having the next party catered, have a pot luck dinner.
  • Simplify your life wherever you can. Cooking a simple family meal together can prove to be a whole lot more fun than a night out a restaurant. Instead of taking an expensive holiday, explore your local community, take day trips into the local countryside, camp out in your backyard, rediscover your local parks, or take a working vacation – volunteer to help a Habitat for Humanity project for a week or two.
  • One of the messages in these times is to become more conscientious consumers – not just in terms of choosing to go green wherever we can, but also in terms of reducing our spending, period… stop buying so much stuff! Question your purchase of that new shirt– do you really need it? How often will you wear it?

The current economic meltdown will eventually force every one of us to lighten up… to notice how we have driven ourselves to maintain the appearance of prosperous happy lives… now we can get real, get back to basics, to living more simply, to stepping more softly on this good earth… ultimately, this lightening up that is being forced upon us will prove to be a healthy lifestyle adjustment, lightening up is good for our state of mind – and also for the state of the planet.

I predict that at the end of day, this breakdown will prove to be a breakthrough… that it will foster the spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood among us, and encourage a return to family values. It will push us to reconnect with our authentic selves, to attend to the quality of life instead of the stuff of life… Let us Pray!

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