Creating True Abundance

By Sharon

Life unfolds in circles. So when your path feels familiar, however, your decisions are different, give thanks for the wisdom you have received on your journey and welcome with open arms your next lesson.

Do not think that life singles us out and refuses to give us success. That is your ego talking. We are all part of universal oneness and like the tree that never refuses to receive sunshine and water, let us not refuse to receive the abundance of the universe that is ours for the taking. Do not take to cause others pain, for greed or control, but take and know in that taking there is a surrendering that all things are in God’s hands and all will work out

I wanted to write about Abundance and Poverty Consciousness for everyone who is walking around believing that they do not deserve to have money in their life. I know your out there as I was once a victim of Poverty Consciousness. It’s a hard road to go from Poverty Consciousness to Abundant Living, however, its well worth the trip.

I come from many years of Poverty Consciousness. I’ve read ever book on the subject, I’ve tried every magical thing there is to do, I’ve done it all.

Finally at 41 I realized that it wasn’t that I was doing things wrong it was that I wasn’t open to receive the vast amount of abundance the universe wanted to give me and that poverty consciousness was really an illusion. Sounds simple when in words but it was the hardest realization that I ever came to. When I got through my connection to poverty I came to the realization that I could do anything I put my mind to. It was the hardest and most rewarding thing I ever did.

Being a medium and psychic many people come to me with their money problems. Asking for help, asking for a little magic that will help them through. I give them the many little magical ideas I’ve learned that they can do to help but only when we talk about the whys, do they open to receive.

How the Magic Started for Me

The wisest words that were ever spoken to me regarding Money were from a wise woman named Katherine. She said to me “Sharon you live your whole life based on faith in God. Everything you do is guided. Why do you think when it comes to money that God lets go of your hand? Let’s open to the magic and allow abundance in your life. Open to the flow. Resonate to what feels right for you.

Opening to Receive (Bronzing the Ego)

My friend, Mary, and I have a great saying its called “Bronze It”. When we say it we are talking about our egos. There’s nothing like a great ego to get in the way of getting what you want.

I can assure you that just thinking about money (if you have poverty consciousness) will get your ego going full tilt. I can see it now just standing there in all its rage with a huge stop sign detouring all the money that was coming your way to your neighbour. Yikes you say. That’s right, let’s open up to get some more coming your way, leave your neighbour’s alone, wish him well, and move on..

Now let’s not give your ego too bad a wrap. It has protected you all those years when you needed it, however, hopefully the war is over and no one is after you, there is no boogie man and certainly as an adult all decisions are yours to make.

Honouring Yourself

I never thought I was allowed to enjoy the good things in life because I never could save money. I made lots but never seemed to have enough. It wasn’t until my friend, Rosemary, who by the way was at the time right with me in the poverty game said: “Let’s take the children and go to a retreat.” After I got off the floor laughing, I said “With What?”. She said to lighten the load that I just had to come up with a small share of it and she would pay the rest.

Sure enough she makes the reservation. Four days in a glorious resort. Meals included, lots of activities. The bill around $1,000.00. Now I have to tell you I worried the whole time. I even developed a bladder infection over worrying. I was in so much pain. My friend with her wise words said, “Just let yourself have a good time and stop punishing yourself.” I did a little Reiki on myself thought about her words and wouldn’t you know the pain went away. I was so scared of having fun that I manifested pain.

We lived grandly. Ate the most wonderful meals, had the best time, felt like we did it every week. We were down to our last $20.00 when we left. We were worrying about gas money and the kids wanted t-shirts that we had to really think about, but we did it.

I wasn’t ready at that point to let go of the poverty but something in me switched from having nothing to maybe enjoying myself a little.

Why I’m telling you this long somewhat crazy story is because I want you to know the importance of treating yourself with respect. It’s part of the opening of prosperity.

It’s important when you start getting money to start sharing with yourself a little otherwise you will have the same hang up only it will be with saving money in case you don’t have any. Same cause different effect.

I have friends that have a wealth of money and it is a very important part of their life that they take the time to receive for themselves. Whether it be a manicure, a sportscar, whatever, it is that they give back to themselves.

I went for my first real manicure and pedicure in my 41st year. Not a big deal for most. I would always feel guilty for spending money on myself like I didn’t deserve it but I tell you when I came out of the salon nothing I could buy could make me feel so good about myself. And much to my astonishment I could still pay the bills. I was a huge learning experience. After I started buying a few clothes all the time thinking that maybe if I buy something the carpet would be pulled out from under me, but no, nothing happened. It was all an illusion.

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