Miracles and Loving You

Miracles come from love, are created by love, and are magnetized to you through love. A state of love is a state of receptivity to the abundance of the universe. The more love you send out to the world, the more abundance and miracles you will receive in return.” Sonaya Roman & Duane Packer, Creating Money, Keys to Abundance

To start actively creating miracles in our lives, to attract the love we want in life, we must start by loving ourselves… and that’s often easier said than done, especially when life has delivered a few hard punches below the belt. When you’re feeling alone and lonely, beaten up by your circumstances, when your life is mess, the big question is “what’s to love?”

The answer is easy – love ALL of it, including the troubles, the pain and grief… be grateful that you are alive and growing, learning through each experience, and SAY SO! Love your flaws, as well as your assets, they make you you, unique, special -yes, even the warts and the battle scars…

One of the most important ways of loving yourself is to forgive yourself your mistakes, accept your flaws… again, it’s about taking a different, more loving perspective. When you see the value in your perceived faults and the purpose in your choices, even the not so great ones, when you choose to learn and grow from having faced the challenges, it becomes easier to let go of the resentment, guilt or frustrations of the past… to love yourself means extending compassion, loving understanding also to yourself – and then choosing to change, to make yourself better in every way…

Give people (starting with yourself) as much love as you can. be gentle and kind, speak loving words, extend forgiveness to whose who haven’t honoured you, (and to yourself) and hold loving thoughts about (yourself and) others and honor (yourself and) them in all you do. Do not judge or criticize. Instead, at every moment, find a new opportunity to love…. it is easy to be loving when people around you are loving, the challenge is to be loving when those around you are not. As you treat others (and yourself) with love and compassion, you draw to yourself opportunities, money, people, miracles, and even more love. Love puts you in a higher flow and draws good things to you.” Sonaya Roman & Duane Packer, Creating Money, Keys to Abundance

Most of us believe that it is a lot easier to love others than it is to love ourselves… parents for example, are expected to be selfless when it comes to their kids… but…. it serves no one if we allow ourselves to become so drained that we get sick, or worse yet, so fed up we withdraw… if we don’t give ourselves some loving attention, we become resentful of all the love we give to everyone else. And we end up feeling very much alone and isolated, angry and hurt – the very thing we intended to prevent in giving so much to others.

So start thinking of what’s to love in and about you . Acknowledge what you do well, give yourself a pat on the back for completing that project on time, or for hanging in when the going got rough last year… notice that you have beautiful hair, great skin and a lovely smile. Listen to the many times you’ve said “let me help you with that”… focus on your strengths and the weaknesses will take care of themselves.

You can raise your vibrational frequency with simple acts of self love – a walk in the park, a book by the fire, a bubble bath, renting that movie you’ve wanted to see, taking a night out with the boys – or the girls, getting into a new exercise program – or out dancing, taking time to play with the kids, or to clean up your work space, or redecorate your bedroom. Even if it means just moving things around, show yourself you care by making your environment a little more comfortable for you….

Love yourself enough to be good to yourself – to eat well, to stay fit, to play and rest and laugh, to choose a work you can love, to be with people who uplift you… Let it be OK to feel good about yourself and your life and all around you. Give yourself as much kindness and as many meaningful compliments as you give others!

You will be amazed at how giving the love you want to yourself first attracts so much more love to you. Life just gets better and better every day. With Love.

Miracles come from your love!

Did you know? smiling brings about physiological changes that make you feel happy, and frowning bring about changes that can make you feel sad and grumpy, so Smile, Smile, Smile!

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