By Danielle Daoust

Every once in awhile I run into a client who just doesn’t want to believe that anything good could happen to them. They feel so victimized by the circumstances of their lives that they now believe that can’t attract anything good to them. Whether in love, career or money they feel defeated, certain that the next disappointment is just around the corner.

When we get caught up in our”nots’, life can be one long disappointment.

We get what we focus on. So when we focus on what is lacking, what we are not, life affirms our belief…. that is the law of attraction in action.

The trouble is that life gets in the way of noticing when we are in our nots. We get so busy with so many activities that we are distracted from recognizing what we have really been thinking and feeling – and that we’ve been been thinking badly about ourselves.

One of the wonderful ways to tune into what is really driving us , to notice when we are stuck in our nots, is to begin paying attention to the words we use.

Words have power, so when we notice what is coming out of our mouths, and also what thoughts are flying through our minds, we can get a sense of where we have been tripping ourselves up, where our thoughts are in conflict with our goals, and then we can start re-framing the “nots’ into more positive life-affirming words… words that have the power to move us forward.

If you’ve been feeling stuck or in something of a slump, whether in romance or in business, do yourself a favour, keep a journal of your “not” thoughts for a week, and practice changing them. For example, note the times that you look in the mirror and the words “I’m too fat” or “my hair is a mess” fly through your mind. Then grab onto those thoughts and re-frame them “I am getting better and better every day, in every way”, or “I have a beautiful smile”.

If you are diligent in this task, by the end of the week, you will find that you have a shockingly long list of “nots”. You will probably be quite surprised that your thoughts are far more negative than you realized…. and what’s more important, if you found uplifting language to replace your nots, chances are you’ve had a number of wonderful surprises as the week progresses.

Changing your thoughts, can change your life. Noticing your nots, replacing them with “yes” words can be a life-changing exercise. It is one of the first and most important steps in getting the Law of Attraction working for you.