Manifesting Abundance

Most people would relate abundance to money or feeling like they are overflowing with financial gain. Manifesting abundance to Spirit would be the feeling and knowledge that our lives, in all areas, are full of prosperity and joy. We can't limit our success to financial prosperity. We need to acknowledge the positive abundance we attain from our family, friends, career, hobbies and most importantly … FAITH as a whole too!

Those who choose to base their success on how well known they are, being #1 or how much money they earn automatically places limitations in every other element of their life. Most likely, they're not as “prosperous” in those other areas. Now how wrong is that? Why should we have a “successful” career and a horrible love life? Do you think God wants that for you? God never puts limitations on us. The only limitations that are placed upon us are those we manifest ourselves.

Now, if you're one of those people who are guilty of the above and/or feel as though you don't live a secure or abundant life what so ever, then this article is for you. Below are my top ways to fill this dark hole that has been created. Fear not … for change is always good!

Alleviate Fear

Fear quite simply is allowing you to be afraid of taking a chance or making a decision that could possibly end negatively. If you want to create positive abundance in your life, you need to get to the heart of your fears. It's best to ask yourself why you're still carrying the negative energy from a past event(s) into a completely new phase in your life. You also need to create your own closure for the situation and start looking at all the possibilities for your future in a more positive light.


Obstacles are barriers you've conjured up with your negative thoughts and fear-based delusions. First of all, please understand that obstacles are meant to test your faith and agility. Second, know that by pulling the positive out of a barrier, the result will be a much smoother transition and lesson.

If you choose to look at obstacles as such, you will decrease the negative effects this could have for decision-making and emotional stability. If you consistently look at obstacles as a sign that you're a failure, then that's exactly what you will be. The strongest people in the world do not fear obstacles; they welcome them just so they can get through them with flying colors.

Some people choose to place unnecessary obstacles on their path for the sole purpose of proving a point. I'm one of those people. Why do I do this? I think it's because I have never had life handed to me on a silver platter. As a matter of fact, I would have less respect for myself if I allowed that to happen. I prefer learning my lessons the hard way so they stick. Crazy, I know, but God loves me for it!

Keep Your Intent Pure

Don't you hate it when someone does something “nice” for you only to find out their reasoning was just to get something back in return? I do. And it has happened to me countless times over the years. Obviously they didn't offer their assistance just to spread love and light. They did it because they're selfish, down right nasty ogres who care about themselves and themselves ALONE.

When it comes to creating a prosperous and joyfully abundant lifestyle, you must keep your intent pure at all times. Remember, what you put out to the universe, you get back, probably a million times over if you're not careful. Here are some prime examples of bad intent:

  • You stopped stalking your ex-boyfriend just to get him to come back so YOU will be happy.
  • You congratulate your co-worker for their promotion then go behind his or her back and say less than flattering things about them to your boss and other co-workers.
  • You meet someone who you think is really successful in life. You replicate their style, down to the very last detail. Then you constantly send them negative energy hoping they will go away so that you can become more fortunate and telling yourself you‘re really just doing this for their highest good.
  • You try to get pregnant just to trap your boyfriend into marrying you.

The bottom line of pure intent is simple. You can't fool God or Spirit. What goes around comes back around for sure. You can make the world a better place if you just relax and take responsibility for your thoughts and actions. Spread love and light just because you can and watch how much of it comes back to you.

Stop Sending Conflicting Messages To The Universe

Know what you want to accomplish in life and stop second-guessing yourself. When you put a positive thought out to the universe then come back 30 minutes later with a fear-based thought; your positive result will then be cancelled. For example:

  • Your goal is to become famous singer. You envision yourself singing in front of a crowd getting a standing ovation. The next day you come back and start thinking that you just aren‘t talented enough to be in that position.

If you change your desired goal every other day, then you won't move a single step on the path. How can you make decisions or get any closer to your goal if all you do is think in a negative manner? You won't get any signs from Spirit either so in the end, the only result you'll get is constant stagnation.

Speaking Into Being

One good line my manic depressive mother-in-law used to say was, “Don't just talk about it, Be about it.” The next step to manifesting your heart's desire is to speak it out loud then take action. There is more power in the spoken word than what most people think.

The best way for putting your goals into words is to say it as though it's in the here and now. This could also be interpreted as positive, personal affirmations. Some examples would be as follows:

  • "I have the strength to overcome any obstacle on my path and in return I live a positive, abundant & healthy lifestyle.”
  • "I am a gifted, financially prosperous and well-known artist.”
  • "I am an amazing author. My words reach millions of people and touch many lives in a positive manner.”
  • "I am very successful in spiritually educating people all over the world.”

Speak your goals out loud to God and Spirit. Speak them to your friends and family. If you find that you're not getting the support you require from them, be adamant anyway and don't allow their negativity to pull you away from your dreams. Dreams do come true, but only if you truly believe they can.

Now it's time to BE about it. Whatever your goal may be, it's time to find the next step and make your goal feasible in the physical world. This requires research.

For instance, if you were currently a secretary and want to be a nurse, the next step would be to find which training facilities are available to you for that field. If you find that at that time you can't afford the training, you just make a financial plan … which includes finding out what type of financial aid is available or just saving whatever extra income you can to pursue this career at a later date.

You Better Have Faith

After you've done all of the above, it's time to have faith that your goal(s) are possible … then let go. You don't need to be redundant and repeat them everyday. Just once is enough. The more you repeat it, the less confident you sound to God and Spirit. The key here is to let go and TRUST. If you can't trust God to direct you on the best path suited for you, all you are doing is challenging and delaying the bottom line:

What You Want And What You Need Are Two Different Issues

Please also remember that timing is everything. You can manifest a lot of your future, but just because you want something to happen NOW, doesn't mean it's time. You may even get a “no” answer from God relating to the desired goal. Why would that happen?

God doesn't make mistakes or misguide us in any way. Your desired goal may not be available to you at that time because you may have life lessons to reach prior to reaping the benefit of the end result. Quite simply, you just may not be ready for it yet. Remember that there's a reason for everything and everything happens in its divine time. Also, what you desire at that time may not be what your higher self has planned for you in the physical world. You may end up changing the goal completely even after you've tried to manifest it. This is due to the blueprint your spirit has mapped out before you incarnated this lifetime.


Now some people may say this article is contradictory to dwelling. It really isn't. We are absolutely able to manifest a happy love life, however, you can't force a person to love you. Either they do or they don't. But likewise, you can‘t force God to allow something to happen JUST because YOU want it at that time.

Some ways to manifest your love life would be to do personal affirmations, visualize your love doors open and keep your energy full of positive fuel. After all, that's what people are really attracted to anyway. An example of a personal affirmation to boost your love life would be:

“I'm beautiful inside and out. I love my life and I allow myself to be loved by others.”

If you focus on one person while trying to manifest them loving you, that's considered dwelling and not really loving yourself and allowing growth in your life. The key to manifesting is having faith, letting go, and trusting God. If you try manifesting and it doesn't work, there's obviously a reason as I clearly stated above.

Keep in mind that timing is everything. You may manifest something that doesn't come to fruition until 15 years later. Keep your expectations to a minimum and don't allow yourself to stagnate spiritually. Not everything in our lives can be manifested and not everything is pre-destined.


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