The natural ability is in all of us. So how do we start tapping into it?

Here you’ll find lots of useful ideas for developing your psychic senses, connecting with spirit or simple “practical magic” to help you move along your path.

We are All psychic… it is our birthright, an innate protective mechanism… an inner radar designed to forewarn us of danger. But for eons, being psychic has also been considered wicked, the devil’s work, fearful… and so the natural ability that exists within every human being to read energy and sense the subtle signals has withered away to almost nothing. Still. we are capable of knowing and being so much more… and our universe is so much larger than the geography and astronomy teachers lead us to believe…. being psychic enables us to tap into that larger universe, for a lot of good reasons…. being psychic can save your life – or at least your pocketbook… and all it takes is a willingness to look a little deeper into life…and to reach for a little more…

Global Psychics is about empowerment – answers, solutions, insights that inspire us to grow and reach for greater fulfillment in life… developing one’s natural psychic abilities adds powerful and exciting new dimensions to your life… Here are lots of useful articles about developing your intuition… claiming your birthright to be psychic has tremendous practical value in your life….