The archeological site Arkaim, in the Russian Chelyabinsk territory, was discovered in the summer of 1987 and declared a national archeological reserve in 1991. In 2005, Vladimir Putin himself visited the site which had become a national treasure. At the time of this writing, over twenty years later, one might assume that the excitement about this discovery and its significance would be waning, but instead, the interest this amazing, ancient site has attracted continues to increase.
      Why all this excitement?
Many of the three to four thousand visitors to Arkaim every summer witness what some have called a veritable miracle: The remnants of this “Land of Cities” are thought to bear testimony to one of the most ancient civilizations known to man.

It is one of those discoveries that would force any diligent scientist to reconsider the paradigms they have developed over decades if not centuries.
Find out about Arkaim’s function as a celestial observatory, corresponding to the celebrated Stonehenge site.
Discover facts which challenge our very ideas of human origins and marvel at the astounding suggestions about Arkaim’s ultimate fate.

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