by Cate

When you think of the word miracle what do you think of? Do you associate this with Our Lady of Lourdes? Surviving a catastrophe? The ill being healed? A sunrise? A full moon? The grace of being able to live your life with contentment no matter what? Or do you associate it with something you will never experience?

If you believe you will never experience a miracle or that you never had one you will not have a miracle but be mired down with doubt or ungratefully take for granted the miracles you do have.  Are you a mother or father, for example? Have you made it through the hardest of times? Are one or both of your parents living? Have you survived an accident? Did you have a heart attack and survive?

I associate a miracle with anything that is amazing, even the mundane such as having family I love and friends I can count on. In these times even these cannot be just a ‘given’, can they?

But we all need and want miracles now and then and whether or not we receive them is contingent on one simple thing. Regardless of our beliefs or religion we simply need to ask!

Whether it is a prayer, going deep into meditation, casting a spell to help someone or to help oneself it is in the asking that we can receive a miracle. Granted sometimes miracles can come in forms different than what we are hoping for so, let us take a brief look at the craft of asking for miracles.

Firstly, vividly imagine the needed outcome. Is it a job? Is it meeting someone with whom you can be happy (without targeting a particular person as this is unethical?)? Is it a healing for an ailment, new residence or enough money to manage bills?

Imagining the outcome is an important part of asking. Even if desperate it is important to try to put despair aside and imagine what you truly need. Secondly just talk to whomever you beseech in your belief system. If it is a particular angel, for example,  be clear as you speak. The beautiful thing about angels is that they are pure love and love to give because they are pure love. Different angels have different dominions. For example I have asked Raphael the Archangel to help heal people I loved that were ill as he is the archangel of healing. If you are feeling endangered, Michael is the angel of protection.

If you are a Catholic you may have a favorite saint. If you are a Wicca/Witch you know which deities to ask for what as well. Your petition is complete when you feel deep within you a feeling of what I can best describe as completion and trust.

I cannot stress enough how important gratitude is to keep the miracles coming. Do you have a shelter over your head, no matter how meager? Are you hungry–I mean really hungry–as people are starving in third world countries remember… If no one you care about has passed away today, be grateful –  life is fleeting as we all know. Every moment that you can be aware of what you have instead of what you do not and be grateful, your state of mind shifts, enabling your positive viewpoint to also help create miracles. Not being grateful puts up a negative barrier to receiving – so work on your gratitude!

Some miracles require work. If you need a job, do the work to find one as you pray. Make a totem Native American style and wait for the goodies. I did this many years back for a better paid job and in three months I got a job that had an increase in salary of $27,00.00.

I will be ‘visiting’ Danielle this week on her radio program so please try to tune in. We will be discussing various ways to ask and create our own miracles and, if you want to know how to make that totem–we will be sharing that too!

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