Webster defines empathy as
“the capacity for participation in another’s feelings”.
Ship’s Counselor Deanna Troy, of the Star Trek Enterprise is an excellent example of a “natural empath” – she exemplifies how empaths and psychics will probably serve our communities in the not so distant future

Deanna Troy also reminds us that we have much to learn about being an empath… we are so often out of touch with our own feelings, caught up in our own thoughts and activities, that it can be a real challenge for us to reach out and participate in how other’s feel… yet we do, every day, mostly without knowing it.

When did you last laugh or cry at someone else’s sad moment – whether it was on TV or in life? Every time we react with emotion to other’s emotions, we are being empathetic. How often have you said, “I feel for you!” – and meant it?  That was your natural empathy coming through… out of caring, wanting to reach out to another to take away some of their hurt, or at least to understand and soothe it… that is empathy.

But there is more to this business of being an empath than meets the eye.  Can you think of a time when you were surrounded by sad or angry people and soon found yourself feeling angry or sad yourself, for no reason of your own?  Have you noticed that when you enter a room full of sick, depressed or hostile folks, you soon find yourself sharing their feelings?  How often have you come away from a hospital visit feeling a bit sick yourself? Beware the mass consciousness! Too often we take on energy from others without knowing it… some of us, in fact, are walking energy sponges, silent empaths, sopping up others’ negative energy because we naturally want to balance and heal wherever we go… The trouble is that we’re blind, deaf and dumb to what we are doing and eventually taking on all that negative energy from other folks will make us sick ourselves, or somehow put us on a self-destruct path that eventually gets us into serious trouble, unwittingly…

While all of us are empathetic to some extent, there are some among us many of these walking energy sponges – folks who are “natural empaths”.  Like Deanna of the Enterprise, they easily tap into what others are feeling, and are often talented healers.

If you suspect that you are a natural empath, then you will want to begin noticing your own energy and also the energy work that you are doing from moment to moment. You must become exceptionally conscious, awake to your own feelings so you can begin to identify when sensations are coming from within – or from some external source.

If you are a natural empath, I recommend Reiki to give you some tools to work with and to help you gain a deeper appreciation of the dynamics at work.  And I especially recommend that you lighten up, do everything you can to raise your vibrational frequency so you can avoid attracting some of the nasty stuff.

Hi, My name is Kate and I am 16. For a long time I have had the ability to pick up other people’s emotions, engery and sense their auras. As I’m growing older my power is also growing. I’m now running into problems because I’m starting to absorb the strong emotions and energies of people around me. If I’m tired I’ll suddenly feel awake but someone near me will comment that they suddenly feel tired. If someone is upset or angry and I’m near them, I can’t stop slowley taking on what they are feeling. This is difficult when I’m near people I care about! The worst part is that I’m also starting to take on feelings that others feel. If my  friend likes someone I can accidently absorb how they are feeling. It’s getting really hard to untangle which emotions are actually mine. It’s giving me big headaches and I’m always tired because I’m constantly trying to relax and clear the excess engeries. I really need help. Going to someone in my family is not an option at this point and I live in an very out-of-the-way area. I’m big on meditating, I’ve advanced far enough to sense and move my energy a bit throughout my body. I have a tree spirit guide, an animal guide, and Goddesses I often go to to gather strength and calm. I’ve tried various crystals( quartz, moonstone, lapis, amethyst), herbs(lavendar, lilac, cinnamon, nutmeg, pine) oils, etc. I’ve also taken up yoga to see if this helps at all. I’d really like any opinions, aid or advice you may be able to provide. I’d like to keep and hopefully expand my powers, but I need to understand how to better control them first :) You have no idea how much it would mean to me!   Merry meet, merry part and merry meet again, Blessed be! )0(

You are the second young person in a few days who is struggling with this.  As an empath you seem to be doing all the right things…and then some!  I am impressed, in fact, at how well you are taking it and how you have sought out remedies as well as now asking for more help.  That is highly commendable.  We all need to know we are not alone in this.

Thing is, the only thing I know to do is what you have already said you are doing.  Nature is a great place to ‘unload’ and ‘refresh’–to get grounded.  Barefoot in the grass, embracing a tree.  These are things I do.  It sounds a little like you are encountering energy vampires.

Here’s what I told my 5-yr-old granddaughter the other day.  She has healing hands, but is sick a lot.  She has a very needy father.  So I told her to keep giving with her right hand, but to reach out into the abundance of the Universe’s supply and receive as she gives so that she doesn’t keep coming up empty.  A pitcher that only gives of its own supply/contents will soon be emptied.  But if you are hooked up to the Universal/Creator/All, then the energy/healing/whatever flows through you (giving you the opportunity to be blessed in the process), but not depleting your personal reservoir.

Before I wrote that paragraph I thought to draw a tarot card for you.  I drew the Ace of Swords/Arrows/Air.  This card represents conquest or triumph.  Success is close at hand.  You are able to apply both your logic and intuition to clarify matters that concern you, and your anxieties will soon disappear.  Nevertheless, if you are involved in a new venture, plan your steps with care and do not act in haste.  (This says to me to plan where you go, who you spend time with, where you can ‘escape’ to renew your strength if you are somewhere, like school, where you have no choice but to be there).  The self-development lesson of the Ace is a double-edged sword, so the challenge here is to explore your personal power holistically and not remain divided (is it different at different times of the month?  is it cyclic?  are there things that effect it other than timing?  like health, amount of sleep, etc)  Learn to respond both intellectually and emotionally to the world around you…what I think that means is you have more control over what is happening than you think.  Set boundaries for yourself and your energy.  Close doors.  Steer clear of people who are ‘hungry’ for your energy.  This involves developing your powers of discrimination so you can reconcile elements that may first appear to you as opposites or opposition.  (This is all in the card!)

One last thought: a meditation I tried the other day for the first time may help.  It is Kabbalistic.  Close your eyes and see red.  Then change the red to yellow.  After you have yellow, try to make it turn green and not blue.  Somehow this has a deep healing affect on the body, mind and spirit.

Just remember, like any other ability, as we grow and mature, it takes time to learn mastery…whether it’s the ability to run faster, jump farther…or sense other’s emotions.  The Ace, also known as Dawn, is about ‘seeing the light,’ about channeling and directing your own energy, and becoming highly cognizant of your own boundaries.  Boundaries!!  Your desire for change and your energy level to enable that change to occur have reached a new level.  Both aspects of your Self have grown stronger and deeper.  In other words, it’s like a colt, wild and free, growing taller and faster and stronger.  But in order for it to be of any use, it needs to be tamed.  You know this.  Just breathe deeply and slowly.  Picture yourself in control, shutting and closing off all unwanted feelings.  In time you will master this inner ‘colt’ and you will ride the wind (air) of spirit and be a force to be reckoned with!

Good luck.  Just keep up the good work and don’t give up, sweetheart.  Tap into your divine center, your higher self, and all the other tools you have and things will get easier…practice makes perfect!  LoLove, Teresa

I am lost. All of these websites arn’t helping me, but, please, I need help. I have no idea what my ‘gift’ is, but I really want to understand it, and learn to bring it down a notch, maybe. I get feelings about things, and 95% of the time I’m right. My dreams come true, and I can feel other people’s emotional and phsyical pain in the pit of my stomach, even when I’m four states away! People that I hardly know! When I’m in a waiting room, or at school, I can feel other people’s impatience, anxiety, anger, depression, and fatigue. It’s distracting, and harmful to my mental health. When I was little it was stronger, but I sort of learned to ignore it. But, over the holidays six relatives of mine died in a two month period, including the man I was named after. They visit me in my dreams and tell me things (ex. what my grandmother wanted to wear at her funeral, etc.). All I want to do is know what it is, and how to deal with it so that I can make it leave me alone sometimes! Please and thank you, Lindsey.

You have a very valid question and thank you for writing us.  You are experiencing the reality of being an empath.  An empath is one who feels the emotions and mental states of those people around them.  It can be quite annoying when you don’t know what is going on.  It is quite common and translates out to your being psychic.  It is something you can control.  Learn to filter out what are your own feelings and mental states from others.  Think of it like putting a screen door on your kitchen doorway.  You let the breeze through but keep out the bugs, bugs being other people’s thoughts and emotions.  After a while, with practice, you will master this and your bane will become your blessing.  Love, Light, & Laughter, Christopher Ree

First off, I want to send you a ‘blast’ of Reiki energy to help with your headaches.  Constant pain is a terrible thing to live with.  If no one has been able to determine a physical reason for this, you need some relief.

Also, pinching the skin between your thumb and forefinger may help some.  Either hand.  And pinching your earlobes (as our ears are the same as our bodies upside down).  A chiropractor might even be able to see if there is some misalignment in your neck.  I know I was able to help my daughter’s friend with migraines by adjusting her neck.  Still, here is another Reiki energy flow for you, sweetheart…  Just relax and receive it–even if you aren’t having those headaches anymore.  May as well enjoy it.  *grin*

Now, on to the other things…  Really bad headaches can cause us to see things–just not spiritual things.  And sometimes they can be a conduit to see things we wouldn’t normally see.  My first inclination was that you were seeing what we all see when we close our eyes or when we are being physically affected.  But since you say you saw a spirit and that your headaches got a little better, we’ll go with that.

It sounds to me like you may be an intuitive empath.  They feel others’ pain, emotions, etc.  They are overly sensitive…very sensitive to smell, excessive talking and noise…to others’ energy.  They recharge at home, alone, and not with others.  So an energy vampire would have a heyday with you!  But it also is interesting that the person feeling ill or whatever gets a boost from your energy.  You just have to figure out how to hold on to enough energy for yourself when others ‘take’ yours to feel better.  You can either block their taking it or you can find a way to give it instead, and thereby have control of the situation and keep some for yourself.  And always, always, always find a place to go recharge!  If you can leave, do so.  Like at a party or whatever…and if you can drive, drive so you can leave quickly if you need to.  But wherever you can be alone, breathe out negativity.  As a meditation for 3 minutes, breathe and center.  Set firm, kind boundaries and don’t get caught up in others’ drama (like drama queens).  *wink*

I know I didn’t address all your issues, but hopefully others from the site will give you their thoughts as well.  I hope you find some balance and calmness and release from the headaches (if you are still having them) and the really bad dreams.  Peace…

LoLove, Teresa (oh, and yes, if you have these gifts and that multi-colored aura, you are an Indigo or Crystal Child–someone who is here to raise the corporate consciousness of the planet.  Look on the site for info on that.)

  1. Recently, I can confirm I am a geomacy empath. A day before massive disaster, I will be feeling weird/anxiety at heart charkra, which I dont know how to control. After the disaster, the weird/anxiety will increase for few days. How do I control this? Greatly appreciate your advise.
    I am also a claircognizant most of the time, think I’m born with it. Some other clairs as well, but still trying to figure out exactly which one.

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