What does April offer us by way of encouragement and direction in order to fulfill our purpose?

Ten of Arrows REVERSED (whew!)

Teresa’s Insights:

It’s funny, I have had this feeling April was going to be an amazing month, and here is a card that speaks to that very thing. Luckily, truly, it was drawn upside down, as reversed it says we will have improved health, greater personal success, and prosperity. I know that’s good news for our Global Psychic ‘Priestess,’ Danielle (I just ‘got’ that title for her. She is the head honcho and she needs to hear this as much as the rest of us!)

The thing to remember is that ends are also beginnings. This month may bring about the close of one chapter of our lives, but I sense it is the beginning of good things, things we have been leading up to so far this year in our readings. This is the month the good things hoped for will begin to appear!

We will need to remember that some things need to be discarded in order to make way/room for the new. Old, outmoded ways of thinking and doing must be ushered out of our lives…but ‘spring cleaning’ is a good thing! It gives us room to move, room to breathe fresh air…and April promises to be a month of moving on. Onward and upward! March’s ‘march’ has marched us right up to the door of Opportunity! Knock, knock!!

Just like April around here where trees are in full bloom and the fragrance of their blossoms fills the air, so too April will be in our lives. There will be Death to the old way of thinking, true…but this isn’t the death associated with Winter, it’s Spring, the death of Winter itself! A new perspective arises. As nature awakens, so too we awaken to think in the ways of nature and our thoughts are clear. We can transcend old patterns of thought which have kept us caged in a reality which no longer serves us (ah, breathe, Winter is passed!). We will feel as if our spirit is rising on the winds of change. This is good, as long as we don’t let ourselves get blown away.

Were this card drawn right side up, this month would be a time of resignation. But now we can see this as resigning our Self to a higher form of thinking: divine reason. We will be able to attune to our original intellect—that of original and pure thinking of the cosmic and universal mind. We can move to a new level of understanding.

This month offers us the hope of having challenged our own monsters and darkness and opens a way into the Light. Interesting that many religions’ spring festivals are about these very issues of renewal, of sacrifice, of cleansing and purification, of walking in the Light, of Tidings of Good Cheer. No longer do we need to hold the torch high to illuminate our own fears and darkness. The Light shines and we are given eyes to see and walk into that Light. Rejoice! Spring into April. *grin* Good things are here for us if we have but eyes to see.

Danielle Predicts: A New Day Dawning

The last three months have been trying, to say the least… but with the 10 of swords reversed trending through April, we are seeing the end of a difficult cycle finally approaching. Although the 10 of swords looks a little scary, I am always happy to see it in a reading, whether upright or reversed, because it usually signals a shift in the energy that is typically positive…

This month we come to grips with our disillusionments, and begin to focus on practical solutions to the issues that have held us back through the last few months… now we can push past the obstacles that have slowed us down… the 10 of swords tells us that we can expect a new beginning – although it could take a few months to fully manifest. This card tells us to be hopeful – a new day is dawning…

The 10 of swords speaks to the need for change… it says if you have been feeling stuck and unhappy where you are, you need to look within to see how you hold yourself back, how you can sabotage yourself – and how you can change so that you are no longer stuck in patterns that aren’t working. This card also comes with clear advice to get help so you can get up and get going again….

ON the world front, we may be called upon to give to some significant disaster relief program in the coming weeks… a sense that this month may call us to be charitable, or at least to notice where help is needed..

Another interesting possibility is that the 10 of swords reversed suggests the overthrow of some evil forces… immediately comes to mind Syria and Somalia – let us pray for breakthroughs there….

Cherie Predicts: Love is in the Air

Spring is in the air, romance is in the air and new paradigms are what we are breathing in.

Old ways of being in relationship as well as responding to energies and issues within relationship are up for spring cleaning.

Toxic energies and emotions such as anger, jealousy poison relationships. Control issues, power struggles and other such dynamics within relationships distort what is possible.

When old patterns of insecurity creep in, old experiences distort what is present in your life.

The past restricts you from moving forward, seeing clearly and acting from the heart.
The month of April will bring these old patterns and beliefs to the surface to be washed away in the “April showers.” As issues come up in the month of April, and they will, experience these feelings and thoughts as toxins coming to the surface to be released.
On a global level, power struggles, drama’s, violence and fear play themselves out as the global elite vie for control. Should be amusing:)

It is the same energetic theme applied from the personal level to the transpersonal level. What needs releasing continues to come up for clearing.

As things heat up figuratively and literally the world is building up frustrations, anger, heat which are building to a breaking point later this year.

The positive aspect of this April is that collectively we are ready to break down past barriers of fear and mistrust to form healthy, loving partnerships that support everyone.

TRUST TRUST TRUST is the key word for April. Trust yourself, trust others and let that be the foundation for true relationship with self and others.

There will be many chances to embody unconditional love and acceptance. By honoring this towards self and others, relationships thrive and grow.

For those in present relationship or looking for true love, this month is pivotal to breaking through old patterns into expanded possibility.

Romance is in the air!


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