By Marie Feuer

Numerology, like astrology, gives us a map of the life we chose live here on earth. It is as if we booked a cruise to go first to Alaska, then to the Sahara, then to Manhattan. This big map is what I call Fate Karma and our free will for this decision was exercised on the other side. Once we are here, we cannot change the ticket we already bought. This is more of an Eastern view as most Westerners like to believe that if we do enough of “The Secret”, we can get what we want. For me, this is like telling a child if s/he wishes hard enough, s/he can indeed get all the candy s/he wants. *¨¨?¨¨*

We chose this life to progress as a soul, when we are on the other side with our guides. For some of us, we chose to come here and have a life of fun. Some of us came here to climb mountains. When people ask me, why would anyone chose to come here and be abused as child (for example), my response to that is, why do people pay money to watch horror movies or television? We come here to have experiences that help us evolve as a soul. This can mean coming here to experience “hardship”, as this can teach us about compassion, surrender, and forgiveness.

Getting a life chart can help you understand your primary tasks for this life, what you came here to accomplish (not everyone came here to be in love and raise a family), what strengths you came in with, and what weaknesses you came in with. With this information, it is like finding out the course of a river you are about to travel on in a kayak and what equipment you do and do not have with you. We cannot change the river (that is Spirit), however, we can read the currents and then our ride can be much more fun. If, for example, we know rapids are coming up, if we tie everything down, put on our wet gear and get ready; it is a blast. If we don’t know rapids are coming up, then we can be caught unawares and tip over, lose everything and hit the rocks ! That to me is the gift of readings; to help us know the currents of the river, to know the twists and turns of the mountain path, so we can accept that we already bought that ticket, prepare for it and use the experience to learn and have fun.

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Fate Karma and the Life Lesson Number


How do we know if something is Fate Karma, or if we are just making a big mess of a situation?

Have you ever noticed we seem to circle around the same problem or kinds of problems? In Numerology that theme can be seen in the Life Lesson number which comes from our birthdate. The birthdate identifies what it is our soul wanted to master in this lifetime, what some call the Life Lesson Number or Destiny Number. I call it the Life Lesson Number. It is a theme that will dominate our current life and we will continue to learn layers and layers about the lesson going deeper each time. So if you sometimes think, geez, I keep dealing with the same issues, (or maybe you think that about someone else), I would say to you , YES you are. That is the art of mastery. It is interesting we don’t hear people complaining about say Picasso kept painting and painting. But we often get down on ourselves for repeating patterns in our lives. It is helpful to re-frame our thinking about Life Lessons.

In order to master something, it means we need to learn about it, handle the pros and cons of the lesson. In order to learn something, we need to practice, and that means repetition. So when you find yourself up against your life lesson number, instead of saying to yourself “When am I ever going to get out of this rut?” it might be more helpful to look at all the progress you have made in this area of your life !!! We seek progress, not perfection.

Learning what your Life Lesson is about can be a very helpful tool. You can now identify when you are working on core issues including Fate Karma. It can also help you to have a more positive outlook on your personal growth and not get “down on yourself” for what is really a graduate degree in self –mastery.

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The importance of names in numerology

Our birth name gives us information on how we have chosen to experience life this time around. We can chose to come in shy, or confident, ambitious or seeking serenity. We choose an experience to have as a soul (a soul having a human experience) in order to grow and learn and expand. We learn best through experiences. The birth name has an inner energy—how we choose to feel about ourselves and our life experience internally, and how we process our experiences internally. It also has an outer energy—how we have chosen to be seen by others, in this life. So we may feel shy inside, yet others see us as a pillar of strength. We may feel compassionate on the inside, yet others see us as arrogant. We may feel compassionate on the inside, and be seen as the same to others. The combination of inner and outer draws our lessons and gifts to us for us to experience in this life. Knowing more about our choices can help us put our experiences in a context where we can than respond in a more harmonious fashion. Sometimes we see ourselves as victims, understanding the choices we made, via numerology, can make us proactive in our viewpoint.

When we change our name, it is like changing how we dress. For example, if you are jeans and tee shirt person, people treat you a certain way, and you in return tend to react accordingly and it becomes a pattern. If you then started to wear Armani suits and a Rolex watch, people would definitely react to you differently and treat you differently. In response, you would begin to also change your behavior and perhaps even how you feel about yourself. Changing a name is like changing how you dress. It does not change who you really are, BUT it does have an enormous impact on the energies you attract. Numerology is an excellent tool to use to identify and work with the energies of a name change.

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