This is a great, rather endearing story that was just received from one of our long-time clients:

 I would like to share my amazing story with your readers.

I had an incredibly exciting message from my Mom a few days ago—and she died in October of 2000. So this was an incredibly gratifying experience for me.
Mom and I had always been close…and I was an only child, so after I lost her there was a deep void in my life. I’ve always believed in angels and messages from loved ones who have passed, but what happened on February 16th, 2012 was incredible. At least to me…
Several months ago I was ‘fooling around’ with my blackberry and hence took some photos of the pictures on my fridge. One of these photo’s was of my mother as she posed on a Vancouver Street at the age of 21.
On February 16th– which was my Mom’s birthday– I checked my blackberry for messages, etc, and to my amazement there was a text message from an unknown 9999 something number . The message only was her name “Beth Patterson” and the same picture that I had taken of her on my fridge. I nearly fell off my chair! Tingles appeared on my arms and legs and I had a wonderful knowing that my beloved Mom was speaking to me from heaven. I’m sure there must be some technological reason for this message, but to me it was an angelic miracle!
Mom spoke to me once before after she passed, and this time it was four months after her death and it happened on MY birthday.
I had done a quick check of her safety deposit box shortly after her death but had apparently missed the brown envelope at the back of the box. Doing a final clean out of the box — on my birthday.. I found a skinny brown envelope near the back of the box. Opening it carefully I was shocked to find a beautiful amethyst necklace inside the nondescript envelope.
Years before that she had given me a sparkling amethyst ring and told me that eventually I would also own the matching necklace. Funny how it worked out to be on my birthday that I found her lovely gift that I knew was intended for me.
I know that my Mom still loves me and that she still is able to communicate– whatever the magical ways of the angels..
Happy Birthday Mom!
Here is that special picture of my Mom that came on my blackberry:
By Mahrie
Kelowna, BC

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