A very special group of children, some call them Indigo, have come to planet Earth at this particular time with a very specific purpose, to help us ascend, to take the collective consciousness to a higher, more loving vibration. This dream offers a fitting image of the Indigo’s purpose, and Cherie’s response an excellent verbal description it.
I dreamt of being in a full van of Indigo children and it was floating up in the sky. They were chanting something, but I couldn’t understand what. I was scared but for some reason a kid next to me was reasurring me that I would be okay since he could read my mind. All of a sudden a big wave comes and the van just goes towards it. I open my eyes and dolphins are rescuing me and taking me ashore, they said something, but I couldn’t understand. I dont know what my dream means, and its been bugging me. Dee
To understand the dream, you must have a context for understanding the dimensional shift we are going through. Ascension is a term used to indicate a raising up of the collective consciousness to a higher level/dimension/frequency. The Indigo children came in already embodying this higher frequency. You are an Indigo. Raising up into the sky is the rising of the planet’s consciousness to a higher place. The chanting is about holding a certain frequency which is through sound, even if we can’t hear it. The big wave is the literal big wave of higher light and energy that is penetrating our world. The dolphins have always vibrated at a higher dimensional frequency. They are connected to our ‘ascension’ and supporting us during this planetary and galactic shift.
There is alot going on as to this energetic raising up right now. You are tuned into it. There is nothing to fear. Cherie
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