Meet Alex: Lisa Caza’s Very Cute, Intelligent, and PSYCHIC Tarot Reading Parrot!

By: Lisa Caza

We all know that pets and their owners share a very strong and loving bond … and it has been scientifically-proven that they likewise share quite the psychic connection as well! I personally have seen how somehow all three of my dogs “just know” when I am about to come home – and it doesn’t matter what time I leave or return. Every time I pull into my driveway all three of them are already standing there at the door barking in excitement. Conversely, I will be here at home – waiting for Yvon to arrive home from wherever he may be at (i.e. work, grocery shopping, etc). Those dogs once again “just know” when he is soon to pull in because they will start to stand at the door and watch intently … not being able to even relax for two seconds … literally waiting for that truck to appear. Once again – it doesn’t matter what time of day it is. No matter how we’ve tried to “fool them”. We’ve tried leaving with the truck, parking it up the road, and then WALKING back … it doesn’t work because they still know we’re coming!!!

Well it isn’t just dogs that can be psychically connected to their owners. I fully believe that ALL animals, no matter what species, have psychic abilities and are truly connected to divine … and even perhaps the universal consciousness. Look at how for example I personally seem to have this “strange gift” of attracting wild animals into my life in order to give me very special but important divine messages and/or lessons. I can also hear their thoughts … and what they are saying to us silently.

Alex Tarot Reading Psychic Parrot - Soul Psychics - Lisa Caza - Psychic Readings

Alex, Lisa’s “Psychic” Parrot

This strong belief of mine was reinforced even more one day not too long ago when I returned home with some pellets, treats, and a couple of new toys for Alex – my Alexandrine Parrot. Now usually when I come into the house – Alex is of course happy to see me and right away he will start to do his usual chitterchatter and talking in order to get my attention. But on this particular day – for whatever reason – Alex was literally going NUTS inside that cage of his. He was flapping his wings, hanging upside down doing the monkeybird dance as I call it, screeching as loud as he can … just extremely excited. He has never behaved like this before so it of course immediately caught my attention. I walked into the living room and over to his cage – right away I could hear his thoughts: HE KNEW THAT I HAD NEW TOYS AND TREATS FOR HIM!!! What confirmed this for me was when I right away grabbed one of the toys out of the bag and showed it to him. Again he started screeching. I put it in his cage and I swear it didn’t even take 10 seconds and he was busy chewing away on the wood pieces. Now realize, normally for birds in order to introduce anything new to them – especially when it is going in their cage – it is recommended that you have it sitting outside of their cage close by where they can see it and get used to it over a day or two BEFORE putting it in their cage. For almost as long as I’ve had Alex I have had to do this because otherwise he would flip out, get scared, even to the point of falling off his perch. But on this day … I didn’t do this. I didn’t need to. Alex KNEW what it was and well wow he definitely wanted it and wanted it RIGHT NOW.

All of these experiences with wild animals as well as with my own pets … especially with Alex … they ultimately led me to the conclusion that, “Hey – how much you wanna bet Alex can do tarot card readings?” I introduced the idea to family, friends and colleagues and on facebook – and it definitely did get a lot of interest and excited feedback. So away to work Alex and I went …

Alex just had his very first “client” (volunteer test client) and reading … we did NOT do ANY kind of training prior either. But it seems that my theory is correct because Alex not only knew exactly what was being asked of him, his psychic ability and tarot drawing was extremely accurate.

I simply talked to him … just like he were another person really. Told him we were going to do a card reading for someone. I even said her name and showed him a picture of her (of which he DID take an interest in; he was carefully viewing her picture with true interest). I had previously prepared the cards for him where I fanned them all out on the floor. After viewing the picture of the “client” I took him over to the cards … and … he did his one-card reading! I am in full belief that we were, as a team, working with and through each other psychically and telepathically. Once again I need to restate here that we did not do any form of training prior … this was Alex’s very first time in even seeing tarot cards….

Below is the ACTUAL VIDEO of Alex performing this reading. I pardon my mess on my table … as well as his initial behavior. He’s a lot like me he has to be “in the mood” to do a reading obviously as I had to play with him for a bit first (hence why the different “takes” in the video lol). Carefully observe his body language and behavior in selecting the card … I even try to distract him by pointing at different cards. Any other bird or animal would normally go to whatever is being pointed out to them out of curiosity … usually … but Alex doesn’t. He is extremely fixated on one card and one card only. I even put BACK that card at the end and place it on all the other cards. He STILL chose the same one. After the video, you will find not only the one-card reading itself but also the feedback received from the “client”:

Actual Card Reading: King Solomon – Priorities. This is coming through with a few slightly different meanings for you. Firstly: when was the last time that YOU were a priority? You’ve been “ignoring” yourself and your interests, goals, hobbies … and even perhaps some sort of projects that you’ve had in mind. You need to start making yourself a priority above all other things – especially when it comes to other people and their needs. YOUR needs must come first! You can’t take care of others unless you take care of yourself first. And as mentioned this is all-encompassing to include your talents, abilities, hobbies, interests, goals … etc etc. Start making YOUR ideas and wishes your top priorities, but also make your happiness and health top priorities too. Now secondly, well – somewhat similar – you need to devote time to your highest of priorities – even if it means getting to bed earlier or later. Consider this confirmation showing you that this is a wonderful time too to work on projects and ideas that you hold close to heart. Even if you’re confused about how to approach things or fear whether you can manifest your dreams – just do it anyways. Your inner self will feel loved and well cared for by the time and energy you put into those priorities. Realize that as you invest in your priorities you are actually investing in yourself.You may need to revamp your schedule so that you devote regular time to your priorities – especially those that as mentioned earlier you’ve been “ignoring”and/or “putting off”. But no more stalling! You have to likewise let go of any procrastination or perfectionism and just do it. I also want you to take special note of Alex’s behavior when he was selecting your card and afterwards. He was literally zoned in on that one and only one card. He made it his PRIORITY. He didn’t care about any of the other cards surrounding him nor could I even distract him from that card to go to another card. He was trying to show you Diane that you shouldn’t allow anything to stop you, get in your way, distract you from your priorities and those things that you most enjoy/love/wish to have. So be assertive in saying “no” to anything that may divert you from your path. Hope that makes sense to you ….

CLIENT: Thank you Lisa! And thank you Alex! I do make it a point to say no, but I hate saying it to my son….I have always put him first….and now I have to wean him off my doing his laundry….etc…..and put my physical health first, like stop procrastinating about exercising when I know I would sleep better after exercising every day…..In order to do that – I NEED TO GET AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER!!!! LOL!!! Thank you again so much! It was wonderful! : ) So very true and accurate.

LISA & ALEX: You are very welcome! Thank you for being Alex’s first “client” lol! And wow I can definitely see and feel how the messages tie in to what you’re saying about your son. So Alex was definitely right on the ball there … but the thing is … it isn’t just pertaining to your son and for example your desire to exercise hon … as mentioned the messages are somewhat all-encompassing for you and go beyond that of the situation there with your son. I am wondering if perhaps right now you’ve been “unable” to consider these following concepts because you are in fact so concentrated on your son. For example, what interests you in terms of your hobbies and skills? Photography, knitting, painting, playing music, etc? Nature walks? And, what sort of ideas have you had in mind for YOURSELF in terms of for example a self-business, volunteer work, meeting new people, taking up a new exciting class, etc etc? All ideas/projects/desires/interests/hobbies that you’ve personally held for yourself – goals – they need to be paid more attention to and fostered. Realize that as they are paid attention to and fostered, it does go towards bettering your physical health. Our spiritual health mirrors our physical – and vice versa. You do have the realization that you need to make yourself more of a priority – but the concept of it is all-encompassing. Now is your time – it is “Diane Time” – and that time is meant for you to begin fostering those things that you’ve desired for yourself and have been wanting to do/experience (as mentioned including your hobbies, talents, etc).

CLIENT: I think I need to make my spiritual practices more a priority. I don’t partake in it nearly enough….I would love to go to a lecture or seminar with other like minded people and meet more people who share the same beliefs – much like I had when Danielle was in the states and we gathered at her home for channeling, card reading and just generally basking in spirituality….so thank you again for that!

LISA & ALEX: Yes! Now you’re rolling. Perfect! That’s exactly what I am talking about hon … things just like that … and don’t stop there. I know there’s more that’s been rolling around in that mind of yours LOL!!!!


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