Life can roll along to a certain rhythm for long periods – until a crisis comes along… often these prove to be small bumps on the road, but once in awhile you realize that this time you've reached the end of the road… the Universe is telling you that the time has come to completely change direction.

I have been faced with a few of these crises in the past weeks… the most significant involving my Mom. Thanks to Alzheimer's she couldn't stay on her feet without a walker, and before I knew it, she was in a long-term care facility; her home will be up for sale by the end of the month… a lifetime's worth of stuff is being cleared….a family breaking down with it…I went into shock…

I was angry at first, hated to see our old life disappearing… but then common sense kicked in and I realized that resistance was futile… the only solution was to accept what is.

I have been encouraging folks to "accept what is, as opposed to what you wish would be" for decades… as humans we typically resist change and will get caught up in wishful thinking, "what if" I had done this, "what if" s/he would come back? But often there's no going back… In this case, Mom is in her new home – fortunately, a very good one, her house must be sold to pay for her care… the course has been set… the correct action at this time is to support the realities, move with the change, adapt to new ways of interacting with family…

So what does it mean to accept what is???

It means accepting limitations, change… seeing the purpose in what is… being in the now, staying present with life, grounded, practical… accepting that there's a good reason for the shift…

It's all about letting go, letting God, allowing yourself to move on without regrets… and refocusing your direction, resetting goals to fit where you're going next…. You may not know exactly where you are going, but if you take life a step and a day at a time, healing sets in, the shock of the change wears off, life starts making sense again… in time, a new pattern, a new rythm sets in… you have moved on… and you've gained a new strength and wisdom… as Mom would say, It's a great life, if you don't weaken….

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