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I am still awed at the level of healing energy Wynnie has shown working with me. I could feel her hands working inside me and she was 5000 miles away! Another time she was able to “move” a metal implant in my spine to stop nerve pain that doctors couldn’t without having an operation. She is so loving that it makes it very easy to trust and engage with her. I am so thankful and lucky to know her. Mary

Wynnie, you are such a great medium! Thank you for your help in exploring job opportunities and teaching me how to put energy into the things you want to happen. I’m so impressed with how you tune so quickly into other entities and channeled my father-in-law. His message was so clear! Elizabeth

I never talked to a medium before, and when the opportunity came it blew me away! I never expected to learn that my husband’s death was an accident rather than suicide. Also, the pretty blue blanket that he mentioned, I didn’t know what he was talking about until you said ‘silky and shiny’. My best friend had just given it to me and I put it in the garage the night before. I couldn’t believe it. I washed it and put it on my bed after that. He talked about a horse picture; and again I was blown away when you asked me to look next to the freezer for a horse picture. Sure enough there it was. I’ve never felt closer to my husband than now, after 7 years. I know he’s happy and watching over me. No one knew about the blanket or picture. I think you have an amazing gift and I’m so thankful! I hope to have the chance to talk to you again. Thank you so very much! Dawn.

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“It’s so cool how you can see around my house when we’re on the phone to help me find things and see energies. You rock!” Elizabeth

As a child I could always look inside people or animals and know if they are sick or in pain. When looking inside them I would send them positive energy. As a child how would you know to do that? I heard soft voices that would say “Just touch them”.

I learned I could send “Love and Light” to them and it would lessen the negative energy. I still use this technique today. I did study more on anatomy so I could understand what I saw and why. “Yes I really enjoy healing the soul”.

Animals come to me for help. I could be at a store and they would brake away from their owners to see me or while I am sleeping I would get a visit from them. I not only can communicate with them, but I also talk to the spirit guides of the animal.

When I see or talk with people that have passed, I see things in black and white. Now I will see color and definitions in a face if my guides feel it is very important at the time. Sometimes its like watching an old movie as its being shown to me. Spirits come to me while I am sleeping or awake. They come to me because they are confused or because of unresolved issues. They also need closure just like any human.

I also have the very convenient ability to locate items that have been misplaced or lost. Either over the phone or in email, by remote viewing the surrounding area(s) of a client I can pinpoint for them the item’s location. Numerous times my own family members, including one of my son’s, will call me to help look for lost keys, jewellery, and papers.

I only work with the highest of good and only good energy. If negative energy is present I call on protection from Arch Angel Micheal.

“Trusting in your own feeling, is your own angels talking to you. Just take the time to listen”.


Wynnie is a natural-born empathic psychic, medium and certified healer. She is able to look inside the body and tell you where the energy needs repairing. As a medium, Wynnie helps clients find purpose in life and helps them address key important life events. She is also extremely gifted in being able to view your home and/or surroundings during a reading in order to search out lost items as well as imbalanced energies and spirits.

Wynnie coaches patients on how to balance energy for a healthier life and is able to heal and comfort people’s pain and spirits with the gentle assistance of the angels and Isis.

As a child of Mother Earth, she works with Universal life energy and can connect to spirits, guides and fairies. Although she has been born with an astounding healing ability, Wynnie is a certified healer and works with US and European clients in person as well as over the phone.

Wynnie lives in the Seattle area where she remains active in the spiritual activities within her community and where she is also widely known as being a very gifted pet psychic and animal healer.


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