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Before leaving my house this morning I forwarded your email to myself here at work. I didn’t want to read this quickly but rather take my time and savor the moment. OMG. Teresa, I don’t know how or where you get your gift from but allow me to say it is awe-inspiring. As I read the words you had written my whole body tingled. I’ve never in my life read anything before that had that kind of effect on me. I am truly amazed and touched beyond words! Wow. Much love and appreciation, Jo W

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Name Poetry, Tarot

“I cannot say how touched we were when we read your poem. It took me a few attempts to finish it. I just couldn’t read any more of your touching lines through the tears.” God Bless, Brian K.

Your name is a clue to who we were meant to be in this life. I take your name and the picture I get becomes a poem; rhymed or free verse – telling a story that somehow resonates with who you ‘are’ and who you are meant to be. It is a form of encouragement which empowers you to see the truth of your ‘being’; the symbolic picture of ‘you’.

When you were yet being formed in secret in the hidden places of your mother’s womb, you knew who you were. Your spirit knew your Name. You may have whispered it to your mother. Your father may have heard the whisper, too. So that on the day of your Naming, the Name that was given you was the Name that spoke of Whom you were, Who you were meant to be. A Name is more than just a label. It speaks of Essence. It speaks in Truth.

Has anyone ever called you a bad name? Have you ever rebuked yourself when you did something you thought was stupid and called yourself Stupid or Idiot? Your spirit heard those words, those ‘names’, and you began to manifest and believe them as if they were truly true. The same is true every time you hear your name. Your spirit knows the meaning. I help you discover the picture, the hidden meaning.

Even if you already know what your name means, the ‘picture’ I will get of your name should be one that speaks to the deep places inside you, bringing forth a new-found understanding of who you are and who you are in the world–who you are meant to be. It is my greatest hope the words I send you will encourage and bless you.

Thank you for allowing me the privilege of being part of your life, part of your self-discovery.

Teresa as a Guide

“Bringing a lifetime of personal growth and study in many diverse arenas”
I can help you achieve your goals with a daily encouragement or talk you through a difficult situation, leading you back to your own inner strength. I would be honored to help you in any way I can. Discover your own PERSONAL POWER in any situation, Tapping coach, Kabbalah insights/wisdom, affirmations, coaching/encouragement, finding INTIMACY WITH G-AWED, writing your own PERSONAL PSALM (bringing you closer to understanding your relationship with the Universe/Source/ G-awed-ess), mentoring (especially, though not exclusively, young people), SACRED POWER of YOUR NAME (including breakdown of power within each vowel and consonant).


It all started when years ago I was trying to write a poem for the leader of a Bible study. I admit it was more to impress her than anything else, but there you have it. I had written quite a few, but none of them seemed ‘anointed’. One evening after going to bed I got the first line of a poem. It was about a watercolor wash of a sunrise. I got out of bed and quickly wrote what came to me on the first thing I could find and went back to bed, certain this was for the person I had been so unsuccessfully attempting to write. The next week I brought it with me to class. In small groups there was a new woman who had just returned from the mission field. She shared with us about her watercolor works and I thought perhaps I had been wrong and the poem was intended for her. It wasn’t until I didn’t hear a word about it from this woman I realized it hadn’t been meant for her. I ALWAYS get some response when I write! So again, I write out the poem and the next week I deliver it to the leader. A few days later I receive a thank you card in which she has written to ask, “How did you know I had just the other day taken a walk with my husband one morning and the silhouette of the trees against the early light made me say I was going to have to make a watercolor wash of it?” I responded to her with this: “Did you notice the date on the poem? It wasn’t written a week after this happened; it was written the week before!” Of course, the question still remains–how did I know? I don’t know, it just came to me and I wrote what came. It is always like that, even now when I write what I call Name Poetry, where I get a picture of a person’s name and write about it. All I can say is, it sure is fun!

This Spiritual Insight into your Name and your Essence is a great way to get a picture of who you are so you can begin to know and believe great things for yourself. It is my hope this Insight will strengthen and empower you because of the ownership you have toward your name. I am excited to share this as an added benefit in your progress toward reaching your goals. You are an awesome creation! I want you to believe it! It is my greatest wish for you to become ALL THAT YOU ARE MEANT TO BE! I love you!
The Universe is waiting.


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