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Working with Sherri on pulling information from my AR and going through the layers with her has been tremendously helpful.

Although you know your own self, there are aspects that make a lot more sense now that I have the information from my soul origin and purpose.

It has also been a lot of fun going through and finding all the “why”s behind things I have always loved for no particular reason. Finding the reason behind all the emotions I experience that seem unique to me when put in different situations where others are having fun has been a great tool for growth and expansion.

Furthermore, with the information I now have on my children’s purpose and life path, it is easier to read how they will respond to situations and how to provide opportunities that will help them on their way.

I recommend the AR readings for anyone who has quirks they always wondered about, fears they can’t explain, and those looking to fast track to success. All the keys are within you. Have fun!’
Renee B. Ontario, Canada

Thank you for giving my reading request to Sherri Simpson.  I definitely resonated with her reading and found that she tapped into what has been on my mind these last few months.    I found her reading to be insightful and I believe her advice will be helpful to me in finding what I am searching for.  Please let Sherri know that she was accurate on many of her observations and I look forward to doing the work on myself that she suggested.  J.S.

Sherri Simpson

Akashic Record Reader, Past Life Consultant,
Transformational Life Coach

Sherri dreamt of being psychic as a child, and didn’t realize she had claircognizant and clairvoyant skills until she became a Massage Therapist. Sherri now taps into her own body, connects with her Spirit Team and that of her clients, and their Akashic Records, to bring forward information. She senses Chakras, teaches others how to balance and clear them, and sometimes sees auras – the energy surrounding you. Sherri believes that we are not solely a human body, but also a mental, emotional and spiritual body. She often works with the past, in this life, past lives and your ancestry to reveal and release what’s not serving you now, and allow you to call in what you desire. The information that is ready to be revealed in your Record is often from the past, but is affecting you in your current life.

Sherri truly believes that we are all capable of creating our own realities. Building a relationship with yourself and your Spirit Team is an important part of the process.

The magic in the Akashic Records occurs with a Clearing, not only Reading, as the process creates space. The Universe loves a void. When something is released, you continue to be a match for similar things, until you consciously call in something new to fill the space. Sherri knows this broken-record type pattern as she’s dated three men named Chris, and three who were born on September 7th. The energy needs to shift before new patterns can be created. This process of releasing and calling in newness creates lightness, freedom, joy, happiness, wellness, abundance, etc., whatever you are ready, willing and able to create and receive.


Sherri used to have an auto-immune disease, Graves Disease, of the thyroid. She was also plagued with chronic headaches, since childhood, candida, insomnia, muscle spasms and tension, leaky gut and other digestive upsets. Sherri has since healed all of these conditions. She has regular conversations with her Spirit Team and Higher Self and teaches others how to cultivate a loving relationship with their own Team. She enjoys helping others create greater health, wealth, love and passionate, purposeful careers. Sherri holds a Bachelor of Computer Science and a Master of Human Kinetics degree. She’s also had 500-hours of Yoga Training. She works by email, Zoom and text messaging with people all over the globe.


Sherri as Guide & Mentor


Sherri’s Akashic Records reading is not just reading the Record, but is also a clearing of old karma so it’s no longer relevant.


Our Souls have not all originated into Human bodies on Earth. They originated in several different regions and Star systems. Spica is one of those locations, as is the Pleiades. I myself originated on Orion.


You asked where these statements come from? My main Akashic Record mentor has her own unique training and has brought forward the Energy Centres and the Soul Groups and several other things through her own 1000’s of Readings. I use her methods, and adjust them as I’m called to, as even those of us who resonate with an energy of Divine Power or Divine Truth have different characteristics.


The energy centres and soul groups provide details into our true natures. How we resonate, some of the skills and talents we have and some of the challenges we experience. Many have told me it provides a sense of inner knowing or a feeling of coming home. ——


There are specific Life Themes that we have decided to ‘play with’ in our current lives. I don’t like to call them lessons as I don’t believe we’re in school while we’re here. We’ve come to experience certain things through choices and consequences, but we have Free Will so we don’t ‘have to’ do or learn things. Most of us are called to advance, so we choose to.


Life Situation Readings


We often have many weird and interesting things that are going on in our lives that we don’t seem to understand, and why patterns repeat for us. Eg. I had a client who no matter what car they bought, the windshield always got a rock chip in it or broke. Another client no matter where she lived, always had a leaky basement. Another woman no matter how often she changed her windshield wipers, they continued to leave streaks on her windshield.


In a Life Situation Reading, I ask for 10-15 things that are going on, that seem totally unrelated. I sort them into approximately 4 groups, and call in guidance from the Akashic Records to clear each group. The ‘life situation’ items are things that have been repeating, or things that are going on right now in their life, love relationships, careers, money, family, friendships, etc. It’s a great way to help people clear a lot of things all at once.
Sherri is eager to help you with:
*Realigning with who you are at Soul Level
*Learning how you uniquely Manifest into your physical reality with your Manifesting Blueprint
*Past Life Healing and Consultations (may include childhood and links to your Ancestry)
*Future projections – Learn how big your comfort zone is and if the goals you aspire to reach can be achieved in a desired time, and what steps you might take to achieve your specific goals.
*Akashic Records and Life Situation Readings, Transformational Life Coaching – suggestions for you to overcome blocks or limits you’re currently struggling with and create clarity to move forward. This includes learning how to receive your own Yes/No responses from your Higher Self.

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"Another great reading and very helpful advice. I think I have a new friend and advisor. Thanks again." Hugs TL

"Thank you once again for your wonderful words of wisdom, your reading has definitely helped me to gain the clarity that I was looking for with regards to my next step." Warm Regards Lina