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Shelly, I’m so sorry. I was so excited to receive it and have it framed I forgot to email you that it arrived. Thanks so much! God bless you and your special gift! Michael

The drawing is beautiful, thank you so much. Also thank you for your help in getting the old man to cross over, that was above and beyond and I appreciate you looking out for me in this way. Infinite Love and Light, Jordan

I just wanted to mention what a really special drawing and message I received earlier this week. It’s all been very meaningful to me.Ever since I got this email I’ve been connecting even more with a past life as a Native American girl and I’ve been trying to feel more connected when I’m in nature. So, thank you again Shelly for your wonderful drawing and message. Abbey

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Psychic, Clairvoyant
Spirit Drawings

“WOW!!! I’m breathless…!” Cynthia.

I am Psychic & Clairvoyant and have been doing Psychic Consultations, using Tarot and Palmistry for over 30 years. I have also assisted various Police Agencies in Missing Persons Cases and have an extremely High Accuracy Rate. I do not charge a Fee for this Service, it is what I consider to be one of my “Good Deeds”.

I have been Clairvoyant since I was a small child and use my Clairvoyance together with Tarot Cards when doing readings. I’ve been reading most all of my adult life and have many regular clients world wide and I am highly recommended. I have not been known to be wrong about anything in the past with my predictions.

Psychic abilities have been in my mother’s family for generations with one female in each generation inheriting the traits, and It also runs in my father’s family as well – through the Shawnee and Cherokee Indian Bloodlines. The Stokes Branch of My family tree can be traced back to Normandy 800 A.D. and includes the Great Indian Chief Tecumseh and his brother, who was known as “The Prophet”.

In addition to Spirit Drawings, you can request my services for a variety of sessions: Astrology, Tarot Card Readings, Palmistry, Cross Over Readings, Missing Persons & Unsolved Murders, Parapsychology & Psychic Phenomena, Psychic & Spiritual Healing, and Past Life Readings.


Shelly Stokes is a World renowned Psychic, Clairvoyant and Medium who has been featured in articles and on Television shows, such as Psychic Detectives, Creepy Canada and Legends of the North Atlantic. She has over 35 years experience as a Professional Psychic, and does Personal Readings, Cross Over Readings, Past Life Readings, and Investigates Hauntings and Paranormal Occurrances. She has also assisted Police and FBI in Missing Persons Cases and Unsolved Crimes. Shelly has been able to do Composite sketches of Spirits, whether it is in connection with a haunting or whether you would like to have one done showing of your Spirit Guide or a Spirit who is around you. If you think your house is haunted, then you may also want to know who is doing it and why. Shelly can do Past Life Drawings as well. Shelly’s Spirit Drawings seem to take on a Life of their own, or maybe an energy is transferred to the Drawing when she is working on it. Take notice of the eyes and expression on the face of your Drawing. Clients swear that their Spirit Drawings seem to change from day to day, reflecting what is in store for their owner. Other clients have a Spirit Drawing done to hang in a child’s room for Protection for the child. We would like to hear from you about any unusual happenings you have after you receive yours. The Drawings are always of a Positive Nature and are in no way connected with anything of a Dark Nature or Discarnate Entity. If you decide to purchase a sketch, she will need your name and birthdate and, if possible, a photo of yourself if you can provide one. It will make it easier to connect with the Spirit that wants to come through to you and show itself. She will then mail your original signed sketch to you as soon as it is completed.


Spirit Drawings
Psychic Clairvoyance
Past Life Readings
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