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I felt like my life was useless – I had no sense of purpose, no direction, no goals. Sharon gave me insights into myself and the source of my problems. Her guidance helped me give my life meaning and I am now happier and more successful than ever. I don’t think I would have accomplished so much without her. KY, Markham

Before seeing Sharon I felt as if I were being pulled in ten different directions. After I felt like this weight was lifted off my shoulders. I would strongly recommend that everyone try this. You leave with a sense of relief. LM., Oshawa

You have such a gift Sharon, I am glad you found a way to share it with the world! D., Whitby

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Psychic, Medium
Akashic Records Reader

“Twelve years ago I had the life altering experience with Sharon . I was truly blessed by her gift.” Heather W., Toronto

Being psychic to me means the responsibility to help others. It is not enough to just use the information I receive from spirit to make my own life easier, it’s about helping people that need that little bit of information that will move them toward their goals. I am so blessed to be part of peoples’ journeys and when I can convey some information from above that helps someone move along their path even the smallest bit, how could this not be totally rewarding?

My favorite part is when, as a medium, someone comes to me in distress from losing someone close to them and spirit will allow me to connect to their loved one on the other side. Even for a moment to allow the person still in human form to realize that there’s more on the other side and their loved one is safe in God’s hands. At these times I am totally humbled by the existence of all mankind and feel totally blessed to see and feel the things I do.

I think my specialty is to zero in on what has a person stuck from moving forward. Once unplugged a person can move forward with grace and ease as one of my teachers would always say. When I am in a persons energy I start to see pictures of them and what is happening in their life and what needs to be brought to their attention. People are not really complicated. Everyone just wants permission to be happy. Sure some are more stuck then others but then once they realize they are usually in control of things they start to change. Some things are beyond our control at the moment and we have to move through them but once we are out we realize that they happened for a reason even if they were painful to go through.

It is such an honor for me to share in peoples’ lives when I do a reading for them. My main goal is to inspire them and help them to move forward while at the same time respecting their boundaries. It’s a wondrous moment when a client has that inner click, almost like, at that moment, they give themselves permission to move forward on whatever has them stuck. There is no greater gift in life than helping others.

I have lived in Oshawa Ontario for about 7 years and live with my wonderful husband and our two dogs Bandit and Blue.


Twenty years ago Sharon realized she had a gift. She could see and feel what others could not. A psychic reading with Sharon is just what your soul might be searching for. She has a strong faith in what the universe has to offer each of us. She seems to know instinctively what you need , especially when you are feeling lost. She can guide you, to help you repair a difficult situation, and she will give you the tools you need to get back on track. She is likewise trained to go into the Akashic Records for readings and clients love this reading. It is much more of a spiritual reading than a psychic reading. It is much softer and it makes a client feel like they’ve talked to themselves in spirit or received some sort of sign from spirit that everything is okay. **Sharon was referred to Global Psychics in January of 2000 and worked with us for several years, until life took her in some different directions for awhile. We were immediately taken with enthusiasm and her ability to articulate her thoughts, but what really excited us was her detailed, very specific and exceptionally accurate readings. We are pleased to have attracted such a quality resource to our team. Now we’re so delighted that she’s back!.


Sorry, Sharon is dealing with some health issues and is not available for readings at this time.
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