Rebecca’s Clients Speak

I have been consulting with the Akashic Masters through Rebecca for over six years, and the accuracy of the information I’ve gotten has been consistent and incredibly helpful. Every time I get a reading I come away with fresh understanding,  profound clarity, and a spiritual uplift that leaves me feeling loved and supported. I have a warm sense that I am not alone in my struggles to deal with life.
I am a Holistic Health Practitioner and through the years have referred a number of my clients to Rebecca for readings. Every single one of them has benefitted,  and some continue to get readings regularly. Recently I have consulted the Akashic Masters for information on how to treat some of my clients more challenging health problems, with great results. I can’t recommend Rebecca highly enough!   GSR

I've been seeing Rebecca for five years and have recommended many friends and family members to her who have all had the same caliber experience I've had: amazing. Rebecca's insight and access to my soul records provides answers to my deepest questions about life, direction when I feel lost, and a warm wash of loving energy that sort of helps the insight stick. I see her every few months and it's a visit I look forward to. It's like going to the soul doctor. It's better than therapy. Rebecca has opened up a new world to me and helped me connect to my spirit guides. I am so grateful!" IZ

 I first came to Rebecca a year and a half ago, riddled with unexplainable anxiety and fear that I had no idea how to cure. She channeled messages from my healing guides and angels, who explained to me that I had some past life trauma that was resurfacing to be healed. 
Due to Rebecca's healing Akashic Records services, my anxiety has cleared and I have gained a deeper insight into myself, my issues, and how to take charge of my healing journey. 
When I went out of the country for three months, she was still able to provide services to me in the form of distance sessions. Even over thousands of miles, I was able to receive and benefit from the sessions the exact same way that I would have if I were in her physical prescence. Another thing I love about working with Rebecca is that she empowers me to do work on myself via practical energy healing exercises that I can use on myself at home.
I would highly recommend Rebecca as someone to help heal and clear emotional blocks to happiness and peace, and to tap into spiritually-guided solutions to a myriad of problems.  K.S.


Akashic Records Reader, Past Life and Pre-Birth Planning Reading

Thank you so much for your help throughout the last 10 years or so of my life!  I have loved working with you and always find the guidance and insight I receive pertinent, helpful, and it usually backs up my intuition or gives me a sense of calm that all is right or is going to be ok! SS

Like many people offering services, Rebecca has been a clairvoyant and an empath since childhood. But because so much of what she perceived as a child scared and confused her, she sought out spiritual and psychic training in her teens, and over many years, first in order to feel clear, safe, and live in light, and later to honor the sacred trust and blessing of helping others spiritually, mentally, and emotionally through her Akashic Records and pre-birth planning services. And today she works from her heart, and soul, to help people move from where they are to wherever they most long to be.

The common impact of getting Akashic Records or pre-birth planning answers from Rebecca is the feeling that you have shed some limiting patterns or fears; have received some emotional and spiritual rejuvenation; and that you have gained clarity and are more aligned with your highest good in ways that inspire and empower you. And Rebecca believes this is true not just because of the amazing team of spiritual helpers she works with, or because she’s had so many years of training and experience: but because of YOU! Your own beautiful soul's deepest longings; your readiness to advance; and your own innate abilities to perceive, heal, and awaken. Because it is when these sublime aspects of  you get activated – through the insights  and revelations of Akashic Records information and energy – that truly awesome results follow!

How does this work? While many people think of the Akashic Records as mainly about past lives, the truth is that if you are reading this, you’re an embodied soul who is here, alive and still evolving. And your most important life—plus the one Akashic Records insights can most help you with – is the life  you have now.

In fact, the primary focus of Rebecca’s Akashic Records or pre-birth planning help is to gather and transmit information and energy that clears history, uplifts, and enlightens, while also offering highly practical strategic information and insights that enable you to create your best possible future going forward. In other words, Akashic Records insights are less about destiny and more about free-will choices and co-creating your life in alignment with divine will.

Rebecca’s history of working with people energetically and  psychically began in 1989. She has been reading the Akashic Records since 2005, hold’s a B.A. in Communications, and is a 2003 graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing's intensive 4-year Professional Healing Program. And Rebecca so looks forward to helping you to move into greater awareness, joy, clarity, and peace!

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To provide an Akashic Records reading I need your first and last current legal name (such as appears on your passport or driver's license); permission to open your records; and a couple of questions you would authentically like answered.

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Interaction with friends and family
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