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Phil, Thank you again. The information you have provided has been very helpful in my grieving process. I’m glad you’re getting the recognition you deserve and that people have the opportunity to benefit from your wisdom. And I do appreciate you sharing your knowledge, wisdom and skill with me. SK

Phil, I read your email last night. I can’t believe how on target you are. This/you are amazing! Thank you so much! JL

My goodness…you did a really great job…it is very informative! LT

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“Thanks so much for all your effort. It was quite accurate and extremely interesting to me.” Thanks, MK.

Phil and I met some 20 years ago at a channeling session in Boston… he approached me at the break and as we got to talking he said that when he had been in Egypt some weeks before, he was told that he would meet a woman who could help him to channel his guides “and you’re it”. Despite being taken somewhat aback, I had learned not to question these experiences, so I said sure, come around tomorrow and we’ll see what we can do. He did, the session worked, and the rest is history. Although we moved in very different directions, at least geographically, over the next years, thanks to the Internet, we managed to stay connected… so it is with great pleasure that I welcome my old friend to the Global Psychics team. Phil’s journey, like mine, has been circuitous:

My love of astrology essentially began with the recognition that there are energetics that united all of humanity, regardless of what belief system an individual might align oneself with. The Hermetic Code “as above, so below” kept nagging at me as well as another phrase, “everything is connected.”

Looking at various faiths from around the world and throughout history, it became apparent to me that the core beliefs of every spiritual tradition felt correct in some essential ways but it certainly didn’t answer any questions about why we humans can commit some of the most heinous acts of cruelty against each other in the name of our “one true God,” as if God was always on our side. These thoughts kept leading me back to try to remember what our distant ancestors knew about the natural world, before civilizations began chewing up and dividing the Earth into nations based upon race, society, religion and culture – the things that only separate us from each other. Along with past-life regression work, the shamanic drum found me which in turn led me to the secret language of the planets, the background powers that seemed to be running everything.

Actually, the more I got into astrology, the more I objected to the notion that the planets rule over human affairs. Rather, I came to know that it’s strictly up to the individual whether or not we want to “go with the flow,” or even take it to the next level and open up a dialogue with the planets – in a sense to open up to our own inner divinity – much like our distant ancestors were trying to find their place in the Universe. After all, that’s what I’d been trying to do all along – trying to see how my life fit into the “bigger scheme of things.”

Phil’s 11 Basic Assumptions

As I consider my role as an astrological counselor, I approach readings and forecasts with some basic assumptions. These are (in no particular order):
• We’re all in this thing called “life” together. Either we help each other make sense of things or our lives are basically void of meaning.
• Without the purest of unconditional love, most everything we do is meaningless.
• Everything is indeed connected.
• The planets don’t “want” to hurt us – they’re just there doing their thing. We can actually talk with them and ask them what they “want” us to do. As fellow members of the natural world, the planets are impersonal entities but we can incorporate their energetics into our personal lives. The key is to know what they’re up to.
• All of the planetary archetypes and zodiacal signs are essential parts of our psychological make-up. They are in our DNA – we only need to reclaim this relationship (as above, so below) as our inalienable birthright.
• All is not lost – all is never lost – the planets simply move on to bother other people.
• The possibilities for personal redemption are always potentialized in the here and now. In fact, the here-and-now is where anything and everything can happen. This is what many of the greatest Masters throughout history has ever tried to tell us.
• We are all potentially our own greatest teachers. We can all achieve mastery of our own lives. This is another one of our birthrights we need to reclaim.
• Fear sucks, fear kills. A fearlessly led life is what we should all strive for. Removing and transcending unhealthy fears from our lives is where true freedom lies. Distractions that keep us in fear need to be eliminated.
• Any spiritual tradition based on fear and guilt needs to become a fossil.
• Life is a journey – it’s never about the destination. The destination is guaranteed when we make the ultimate transition – of old age – when we get to judge our own lives for our soul’s purposes, and not the purpose of any other entity.
Some of the above bullet-points might be too much for some folks to consider. It’s all about how brave we are to face some perhaps unpopular truths about ourselves. What I offer – what my life’s purpose seems to be – is to help people realize (to make it real) a few or all of these points. These “I believe” statements are far more than I’ve learned from anything I’ve read or degrees earned from any University – they’re all things I know intuitively – truths I’ve come to know implicitly.
I’ll freely admit that I haven’t mastered each one of these points, but this is where the last point comes in most handily. Life is indeed a journey to be heart-felt and enjoyed as we’re living life – one day at a time – one planetary transit at a time.
Peace out, Phil