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THANKS, Owen, your insights and loving support have already made a big difference in my life. Be talking to ya, with gratitude, Pat Campbell

Owen is very knowledgeable about the body and its physiology. He is able to give insight on areas I need to work on and what is going on medically in my body. He also gives guidance on issues that can be addressed and worked on by myself. Though he explains issues in a very detailed way, he expresses them so they are easily understood. I have found this experience to be so powerful that as other issues arise in my life, we will continue to be in contact. With Love & Peace, Karen

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Medical Intuitive, Psychotherapist
Past Life Regressionist

“I had a reading. It was comprehensive and enlightening. Your genuineness, intent, caring and listening skills were palpable. By the end of the session, HOPE FLICKERED A WEE BIT HIGHER and a concrete plan had been initiated.

Intuitive ability comes from many years of diligent work.

Working with people like Dr. Ida Rolf who inspired each student to learn to see not only the contours of a body but to see through that body. To see the emotional story by reading the posture (the personality statement we make of ourselves) and the concurring structural realignments made in the field of gravity. Training beyond the normal 2-dimensional reality continued with other experts. Dr. John Upledger taught us to listen and feel deep inside the body and the field surrounding that body. Rev. Rosalind Brerrere showing how to ethericly operate inside a body and Dr. Jean Pierre Barral who taught to recognize that every organ had it’s own life force and rhythm. Dr. James d’Adamo teaching that through the eyes we can understand the whole world of a persons’ habits and history and what that history has left in its wake of ill health or positive strengths.

Years of working in psychic healing groups and individually with patients telephoning to know what had happened to them, forced a desire to project my sight over distances. To see the person as a totality of physical, emotional and spiritual reality. Through many years of Past Life Therapy and work as a psychotherapist, I saw how our past often holds us bound to repeat the same patterns, as if they were programmed.

What do I do or what do you get out of a reading with Owen James? We will look carefully at the energetic vibrational state of all your organs, endocrine gland system, bone structures, your emotional state and how that effects your body from the present back to birth, conception and before if necessary. We will look using a variety of different modalities, both Western and Eastern to establish a blueprint of your totality. In balancing your chakras we will acknowledge what may be blocking you from having the most out of your life. What is your Will to Live? Your Life Vibration? What outside influences are effecting the state of your health? Learn ways to heal yourself using projected internal color therapy, visualization or thought projection and meditation. Know what “bugs” like parasites, worms, viruses and bacteria’s are weakening you and what to do about them

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Owen James began his formal training in Humanistic psychotherapies and related body therapies in 1970 at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California. Prior to this he was awarded scholarships through University and Music Conservatory, completing his Bachelor of Music degree. He was an award winning professional musician and taught as a performance coach for 10 years.
– Trained by Dr. Ida Rolf, the inventor of Rolfing (Structural Integration) from 1970 through 1974 and completing this study with advanced standing. In 1978, at the request of Dr. Rolf he created the New York School for Rolfing in New York City. Advanced Movement therapy certification was completed in 1975.
– Training in Gestalt Therapy began by observing Dr. Frederick Perls’ sessions at Esalen Institute 1962 through 1965. Formal training began in 1971 through 1972 with Dr. Frank Rubenfeld in New York. 1972 through 1975 with Dr. Richard Abel at the Transactional Analysis Institute of New York and Connecticut-completion of 3 year certification program and all requirements for national certification. Advanced training in 1974 with the Western Institute for Group and Family Therapy, Dr. Robert Goulding, director.
– Trained in psychic healing with the Foundation for Psychic Healing Research, Dr. Lawrence LeShan, 1973 through 1975. Workshops with Rev. Rosaland Brerere 1977 and 1996.
– Massage certification 1969, in the State of California.
– Luther Rice College of Natural Healing Sciences 1000 credit hours for certification 1975.
– The College of Chinese Acupuncture(UK) 1971 and 1972 completion in elementary principles and practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, Dr. J.R. Worsley, Director.
– Chinese Traditional Medicine Institute, Toronto, Ont. Canada. Certification 1975. Dr. David Lam, Director
– Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Toronto, Ont. Diploma of Acupuncture, 1995. Advanced recognition.
– Registered member of the Ontario Association of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.
– Advanced Certificate, The Upledger Institute in Cranial Sacral Therapy and Somato Emotional Release. 1983 through 1990. Past teaching staff member.
– Advanced training in Visceral Therapy Dr. Jean-Pierre Barral, 1985 through 1987.
– The New York School for Naturapathic Medicine, Completion of Postgraduate Program, 1979.
– Introduction to Homeopathy from Dr. Ida Rolf 1970. Training sessions with George Vithoulkas, Asa Hershoff, Ivo Bionchi, and other Homeopathic professionals.
– Initial introduction to Auricular Therapy and Auricular Medicine in La Biole, France 1983.
– Auricular Medicine Certificate for Training Seminars 1, 2 &3, 1992 through 1993. Homeopathic Drainage Therapy seminars. Dr. Michael Adams.
– Lymph Drainage Level 1 & 2 Dr. Bruno Chikly, 1997 & 1998.
– Past Life training and certification, a 3 year course, Institute for Past Life Training Dr. Roger Woolger 1993.
– Shamanic Training, Peruvian Amazon Jungle, Master Shaman Don Agustin Revis Vasquez, 1994 through 1998
– Joseph Rael (Beautiful Painted Arrow) Indian Elder, New Mexico 1995 through 1998. Dance chief to run the Sun-Moon Dance and the Long Dance in Ontario, Canada. Created a new dance known as the Spring Renewal Dance.
– Envisioned and built the first Canadian World Peace Sound Chamber 1997.