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Superb, amazing, uncanny. Most of all GREAT! My basic personality was spot on……right down to the things I don’t like to admit (lol), and this year being a major lesson for me.Wow nobody except my husband knows what trials I’ve been through this year! Well done Michael and thank you. I’ll be recommending you to everyone! Love, Lisa xx

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“Michael did an analysis for me some time ago and I was amazed at what was given to me… Michael you are very talented in your numerology and I want to thank you!” Love & Light, Karen.

I have been interested in psychic phenomenon ever since I was a teenager trying to guess the symbols on the backs of cards that a friend would hold up. I developed a more in-depth interest in the paranormal and mystics while in Germany during my tour of military duty. Throughout the years I met some wonderful people who turned me onto the books written by Alice Bailey, for example “The Secret Fire” books; as well as others along those lines.

The more I read then ultimately the more I became involved with the arts of the mystics. I started off using regular playing cards in order to help my friends with the progression of day-to-day occurrences (as the 52-card decks are based on the minor arcana of the Tarot deck). In the mid 80’s I became interested in various metaphysical studies, but numerology became one of my primary interests along with the Tarot.

I live in Virginia, where I spend the majority of my time staying busy with numerological studies and learning even more and more about it (as you can never stop learning something new – there’s always room for growth no matter how much you may know about a certain topic or area of expertise).

An ancient metaphysical tool, numerology can help you to gain guidance and direction in your life; by using the life path number (which comes from your date of birth). However, there is so much more information within that one factor of the numerological chart.


I studied to be an accountant. But when I came across numerology in my studies, especially more so when I stumbled upon the kabbalah, I realized that the numbering and the decoding of words and names had a significant influence upon the scholars of the kabbalah. The more I read, the more I became fascinated with the energy that is revealed in a name by decoding the letters to numbers. Even to the point of finding that passages of the Bible, when changed to the number value and reduced, the reduced total definition fits the meaning of the passage to a tee. Since the mid seventies I have been constantly reading whatever I could on the psychic realms. However, I have been doing numerology readings for people since the mid-nineties.