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Lisa Caza

Lisa’s Clients Speak

Lisa is just simply the most wonderful person you would ever want to meet. Once you come connected with her its like you’ve known her your entire life. She really knows how you are feeling and its like you are talking to a friend. I have spoken to her through chat and e mail readings for the last year and I am just simply speechless every time I come to her for help. I am glad that I have met this amazing woman. You will not be disappointed. StaceyT:

Hi Lisa. Just wanted to let you know I did get the reading and WOW! You are so on target about him it’s scary. Your are so right about him needing to be in a committed relationship. I also appreciate your honesty regarding the marriage potential. I have received some very sugar-coated readings from other psychics in the past telling me that yes, it will happen, blah blah blah, and for some reason it did not sit right with me. I continued to search for answers that made sense. Your reading is so accurate and makes total sense to me. You have been a great help and your insight is amazing. It’s like you told me what I deep down already knew and the only way you could’ve done that is by being psychic :) ! Thank you again. I feel so much more at peace with this situation.

It was amazing to have your reading about the house on the lake. You described the place exactly! I had to share that with my sister and she was literally bowled over! And in experiencing the energy of your response, it got me thinking about how I’ve had this attraction to water. And this house that’s for sale seems like a rare opportunity I think I’ll go for it then! Thank you so much for your reading and your incredibly uncanny accuracy! Best regards always, Dave

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Empathic Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient
Relationship Counselor & Family Social Worker (B.A., S.S.W.)

“Outstanding reader, very honest and accurate. She pinpointed all of my issues and the results to come without me even giving any great detail.” Thanks, Debbie S.

Here you will receive accurately detailed personal readings from an empathically sensitive psychic. Receive advice and insight on love relationships, friendships, career, finances, and more. Abilities used in each careful, lovingly created reading includes clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, empathy, and intuitive tarot. Lisa Caza also performs past life love readings, animal (pet) readings and Ascended Master Oracle readings.

Lisa has been practicing her clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience abilities since early childhood. Even though her family was full of skeptics … she was determined to not let them sway her. It was not until one day, when she was 11 years old, that she “foretold” to her now-late grandmother that there would be a tornado in their area that day, that her family then realized her wonderful talent. As it turned out … unfortunately for many unwary folk … there were in fact THREE tornados that touched down that evening – all within the same vicinity. Bringing much destruction and devastation to the areas, that day will not soon be forgotten … especially by young Lisa. Click here to see actual documentation of this historical Canadian weather event – the biggest storm in Canadian history.

Lisa is quite well-known for her honest – sometimes even blunt clairvoyant readings, but at the same time her in-depth and accurate services are always full of love, wisdom, and compassion for each of her clients. She has been a professional psychic reader for 20 years now. She has appeared on numerous popular early psychic websites such as Mystic Playground, Psychic Link, and Psychic Contact; however after having worked with Global Psychics for about 10 years or so, she is now currently the Senior Psychic Reader as well as Customer Service and Reader Relations Manager. Aside from her profession as a psychic reader, Lisa is also an experienced relationship counselor and social worker, and has even further extensive experience in Canadian Family Law, Child Protective Services, and Veterinary Medicine.

Lisa uses her knowledge in developmental/behavioral psychology in all of her readings – which can oftentimes assist clients in gaining a much deeper understanding and perspective into not only perhaps their own ways of thinking and behaviors, but also those of their significant others, co-workers, friends and loved ones. Lisa also has quite the profound understanding (and first hand experience) with many difficult life experiences: abusive childhood and relationships, divorce, adoption, single parenthood, second marriages, financial poverty, experience with alcoholic partners, and probably a lot more that can’t even be thought of at the moment. While it is always devastating when one must overcome these obstacles, they are all learning and growth opportunities. As a result, Lisa has a much deeper level of empathy and understanding for all – however can likewise keep a very neutral perspective as she can likewise connect to all persons involved in any given situation to see THEIR points of view, beliefs, thoughts, and feelings. Lisa, like many other spiritual healers and readers, is a very old soul who carries great wisdom within her hawk spirit. As she shares this wisdom with you, she can teach you how to see and understand the entire picture within any situation – from all angles – as not one person will have the same perspective.

Once Lisa connects with you, she will be able to feel exactly how you are feeling … and this may just very well be why she is likewise adored by so many. She is a true empathic, and believe this: she meets you once – she will NEVER forget about you! You will always be in her heart and mind. Each and every person Lisa meets seems to have a deeply profound and lasting impact on her. All in all, Lisa is a very warm, honest, and loving person; who only looks out for YOUR best interests and well-being. She treats others just as she herself would want to be treated. She now warmly invites you to meet her … to start developing your own unique friendship with her. You too may find, like many others before, just how caring, giving, loyal, honest and knowledgeable Lisa truly is. She will then always be there with and for you in her heart and spirit – whether you may “feel” her presence or not.

Lisa as Counselor & Guide

“As a social worker who’s come from the School of Hard Knocks, with first-hand experience combined with professional guidance, I would be honored to help you through those most difficult life transitions.”
Some of the best counselors and mentors have first-hand experience in their “areas of expertise.” All knowledge cannot be found in books. You will find that here with Lisa. She has quite the profound understanding (and first-hand experience) with many difficult life experiences & transitions: breaking free from abusive relationships, divorce, adoption, single parenthood, second marriages, abusive alcoholic partners, family issues and divisions/feuds. She can assist & guide you through all of those areas, as well as relationship counseling, overcoming fears of new relationships, step-families, and overcoming difficult break-ups. Through her guidance not only will you get through those troubled times and realize your own true Power, you will also learn about Life Path Sequential Order – there are no mistakes! While it is always devastating when one must overcome these obstacles, they are all learning and growth opportunities. Lisa can also help you to follow your own intuition and divine guidance, connecting with your animal totems/guides and human spirit guides.


I’ve been practicing since I was a young teen actually – but in total I believe it’s been about 20 years now. I’ve known that I had a gift since the age of 11 or 12, where I would not only have recurring dreams that would come to be, but also I would always “just know” when something was about to occur. The best and most profound example was when I tried to tell my grandmother that we were going to have a tornado. She didn’t believe me of course, but unfortunately not one but 3 very large and devastating tornados touched down merely 3 hours later. After that I don’t think my grandmother ever doubted me – she wouldn’t even play cards with me anymore because I would know what they were! However, it wasn’t until I was 18 that I realized that perhaps I could better utilize my abilities/gifts by becoming a professional reader – to help those in need and give guidance and direction as much as possible. I have been with Global Psychics however for almost ten wonderful years – the longest I have ever been at ANY place of employment. I have watched and supported  many changes here at Global Psychics – watched it grow to what it has become today. It is … essentially … my second family.

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"Another great reading and very helpful advice. I think I have a new friend and advisor. Thanks again." Hugs TL

"Thank you once again for your wonderful words of wisdom, your reading has definitely helped me to gain the clarity that I was looking for with regards to my next step." Warm Regards Lina