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Kristi’s reading gave me chills. She could read my cards and know things that I was thinking without knowing what was going on in my real life. Her being able to know I was conflicted without even telling her blew me away. She senses things in my life that later so become true. Everything she has told me about in my life and future has been nothing but the right path and truth so far. Marisa P.

I’m truly blessed and thankful to the angels for bringing Kristi into my life. She’s very intuitive. I’ve witnessed her giving and have received numerous kinds of readings, her knowledge and connection to the spiritual world is amazing! As a reader I find her to be extremely accurate. D.

Kristi has the skills and wisdom that come only through years of experience. Kristi has a beautiful soul. She’s nurturing, open and understanding; it’s no surprise spirits find it easy to come through to her. Thank you Kristi for helping and leading me on the way to my personal and spiritual development.Destiny P.

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Clairvoyant, Psychic Medium
Angel Readings, Spirit Guides

"Kristi is an excellent psychic and intuitive. I don't think I have talked to anyone stronger than she." Thanks, Ruth

I am a psychic spiritual medium. Being psychic is a gift that I believe we all have. I however, became aware of my gift at an early age. I remember as a young child having what my parents called an imaginary friend (now I know this was my spirit guide) anyway, my friend (Johnny) would whisper in my ear and guide in the right direction. Most of the time, thankfully, I listened.

As a teenager I became fascinated with reading cards. I didn’t start with tarot cards and didn’t at the time know what they were. I began with playing cards. My mom had a friend that read for her for years and there was another lady in town that read them as well. I would have readings done and watch everything they did. I soon began reading cards for my friends. In my twenties my I began to feel a connection to the Angels so I purchased my first deck of Angel cards and they spoke to me in a way that I had never felt before. Again, I began to do readings for friends and family. They were surprised at how accurate my readings were and told that I should start reading professionally and I did off and on for the next fifteen years. In my thirties my grandmother passed away. This was a difficult time for me as she was the one that raised me. She was an amazing woman. I was devastated. The night before her funeral I sat in my bedroom crying uncontrollably when suddenly I felt a familiar touch of a hand on mine. I looked over and there stood my grandmother comforting me and telling me not to be sad. She said she was happy and in a beautiful place and that everything would be okay. After, that spirits began to communicate with me. At first, I was scared but I began doing some research and realized that they just wanted to tell their story and that they were no different from us except they no longer had a physical body.

I stopped for awhile because of my busy life with small children and work. But just after I turned forty I awakened again to my spiritual calling which of course is being in service and assisting others with the knowledge that comes through me in deciding their path as well as doing my part as a lightworker to assist in healing the planet through love.

As a medium, I have assisted a local paranormal group with connecting to spirits as well as the spirits that come through to give messages either to others or myself. I connect with angels, masters, spirit guides, and loved ones that have crossed over. My Angel cards speak to me the clearest but I also occasionally read playing cards and animal totem cards. Spirit always lets me know what cards to use for each reading. I also have the gift of seeing and feeling the seven main chakra’s and can assist in cleansing and healing them.


I have been aware of my gifts since I was a young child and have been reading cards since my teenage years. I started with playing cards and although I still read those, the angel cards speak to me the clearest. As a medium, I have assisted a local paranormal group with connecting to spirits as well as the spirits that come through to give messages either to others or myself.