Joyce’s Clients Speak

AMAZING!  Joyce is one of the best psychics I’ve talked to in years. She clarified issues my mother is facing and why our relationship developed as it has- I couldn’t put my finger on it my entire life until now. She helped me to understand how her mind works and what she feels at this juncture in her life. It was amazing and has given me a starting point from which to work. I really trust Joyce and believe her advice and will adhere to it!  ~Dorian

So lovely, supporting and kind. Very clear reading – knew a lot of things without any prompting at all. She was great and friendly. She was full of insight and she hit everything right. I would definitely recommend her.  Thank you!  ~Jennifer


Psychic, Medium, Master Intuitive 

“I had an absolute incredible reading with Joyce!!!  This woman speaks the truth! I am speechless. I’ve spoken to numerous “psychics” before but this woman is in her OWN league. I am SO THANKFUL for her insights. She has answered so many questions. I have been lost on for so many years. I didn’t even tell her details, she just knew things. It was hard to leave, because I just wanted to keep thanking her.  She is 100% pure and genuine and speaks the truth ! Wow!”  ~Ebony

Joyce is a Psychic, Psychic Medium, Master Intuitive, empath, clairvoyant, clairaudient, a medium, energy worker and a healer. Joyce delivers compassion and warmth with her ability to inspire real understanding and transformation in individuals confused by their emotions, experiences, relationships and spiritual nature.

Come talk to one of the leading trusted sources of clear guidance and inspiration, Joyce Jackson, Your Guide on THIS Side.

In a chaotic world of relationships, family, career, work, finances, destiny and life path, you can discuss the most intimate questions you have with a calm, discreet professional. No magic dust, no crystal balls, just trusted, calm insight for you to take and use in the best way you see fit. In her calm, positive and inspiring way, she brings a sense of normality to your world.

Her accessible and personal teaching style, down-to-earth tips and centered-living tools are regularly sought after. She’s a regular radio show host, blogger, author, and columnist for national magazines. Joyce lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her two sons and enjoys running, marathons, triathlons and other outdoor activities.

Joyce as a Business Intuitive and Coach

She is a coach and mentor that is confident, insightful and grounded in best business practices. At the same time, she is also a  psychic, psychic medium and energy worker. She seamlessly blends her solid skills with creative innovation for real, measurable results in your business. Her 30 years of combined experience as an architect, engineer and business owner provide you a  unique skill set to guide you to your lightworker business success.

Not only can she discuss your energy, spirit, skills and gifts  with you but she can also talk about your:

  • Pro Forma
  • Revenue
  • ROI
  • Monthly P & L’s
  • Controlled Growth

A business intuitive is a business coach, mentor and practitioner who uses their self-described intuitive abilities to find the cause of a problem, issues or blockage within a business or company. Other terms for this practice include business clairvoyant, business psychic or intuitive coach.

 A business intuitive may determine areas of concern from a healthy business owner’s point of view and make recommendations in regards to real assessments and evaluation through recognized industry tools.

Business intuitive practitioners often label the ills within a business they see by stating the symptoms and dysfunctional results that are being produced.  Then they recommend the appropriate assessment tools to not only verify the problems and issues but recommend viable solutions, as well.


Joyce Jackson, Your Guide on THIS Side, is a renowned San Francisco Bay Area based Psychic, Psychic Medium, Huna Shaman, Reiki Master, and the founder of Inner Strength Illuminations, The Sane Psychic, she travels the globe bringing a calm, reassuring message in easy, simple terms for clarity to your life questions. She delivers guidance with compassion and warmth through her ability to inspire real understanding and transformation in individuals confused by unclear emotions and experiences.

Joyce’s gifts literally showed up overnight following a series of traumatic events over a six month period of time. Shocking as they were to discover, it was even more unsettling at the time for Joyce because she was an architect and recognized business coach for senior level professionals and executives. While she also requires no tools , Joyce can use the Tarot, Oracle Cards, Runes, a Pendulum and Shaman Stones upon request. Her most powerful gifts center around directing energy for healing.


  • Certified by Best American Psychics
  • Certified by Best American Healers
  • Member Certified Psychic Society
  • Best Psychic Directory
  • Universal Life Church Ordained Minister
  • Certified by LifeReader
  • Founder, American Society of Advisors
  • Alaka’i Minister Candidate, Huna International
  • NLP Certified Trainer
  • International Metaphysics University (Currently: Masters of Metaphysics coursework)
  • CBS Radio Show Host:  Sane Talk
  • Huna Shaman
  • Toltec Shaman
  • Toltec Nagual Reiki Master
  • Reiki Master
  • Architect
  • Engineer
  • #1 International Bestselling Author
  • Speaker
  • Teacher