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Thank you so much for the session on the phone. Your encouragement and insight really helped me. Karen, Palm Springs CA.

You were so right about the woman I was about to meet and fall in love with. She is from Brazil. Come visit us in Jamaica; so many would benefit from your special gift. Blessings and One Love, Rohan Marley, Co-founder Marley Coffee

Your reading was profoundly healing. You are a gifted intuitive and I can’t thank you enough for showing me how to make needed shifts in my eating habits. This has changed my life and my health. Barbara.

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Psychic, Medium, Clairvoyant
Certified Medical Intuitive, Intuitive Eating Coach/Nutrition Through Intuition

“I would love to talk to you soon because everything you told me has happened. I mean everything!” Ryan Philips, Return to Happiness Documentary.

Growing up in a family with a mother, aunts and granny who all had the “second sight,” I was exposed to spirits (ghosts), tea leaf readings, crystal ball readings, tarot cards, astrology, and palmistry from a very young age.

It was not until I had three children of my own that I really became interested in the occult. After taking a few tarot reading classes I began to read for the friends of my children who were in their twenties at the time; and received amazing feedback. As I got older I noticed that my own “second sight” seemed to be stronger. I just “knew” things that were to happen – and they did! Strange happenings would come about. We sprinkled my father’s ashes in the hills above his beloved Ashcroft where the smell of sagebrush was potent. Later I went to the mall where I had last seen my father – and I was overcome by the familiar smell of sagebrush and felt his presence around me. Another profound experience happened the night before my mother passed. I observed the face of her deceased sister transposed onto my mother’s face. A message at the time that I did not know was that my aunt had come to help my mother cross over. At my brother’s funeral I observed that his face surrounded by a beautiful gold light transposed on the face of his son. Within 48 hours I got the message that his son’s wife had passed.

Through all those experience I realized I needed to study mediumship; which I did – mentoring under someone I will always be grateful to. She helped me realize that I had a special gift that I should be sharing and helping others with. Through her guidance I became a professional clairvoyant and medium – reading for clients from all over the world.

Since that time I continued studying intuition. I graduated as a Certified Medical Intuitive from the College of Medical Intuition. My background as a RHN (Registered Holistic Nutritionist) opened the door for me to become an Intuitive Eating Coach. Intuitive Eating is based around an approach that will teach a client to create a healthy relationship with mind, body and food. Learning to listen to your body’s inner cues is so important; and I will guide you using a holistic perspective. Learning to eat intuitively and trusting your body’s needs, you will come away from an intuitive eating session with a renewed appreciation for your body’s in-born intuitive eater.

Helen as a Holistic Eating Coach

“Learning to eat intuitively and trusting your body’s needs, you will come away from an intuitive eating session with a renewed appreciation for your body’s in-born intuitive eater.”
As an Registered Holistic Nutritionist/Intuitive Eating Coach, and Certified Medical Intuitive, Helen brings her expertise to guiding clients who may need direction on why they are experiencing digestive disorders. Helen is able to intuitively scan a client’s energy focusing on the digestive organs and she may find areas that are holding emotional and energetic blocks. Helen will guide the client on ways to clear these blocks. Tuning in to any food sensitivities a client may have, Helen is able to advise the client on whether a cleanse would be beneficial and by teaching a client the benefit of making healthier food choices the client will come away from a coaching session understanding more about their body, and how important it is to pay attention to the subtle messages the body sends.


It’s a privilege for me to be able to connect to a client’s energy whether in person, telephone or email. I’m an empathic energy reader who has helped countless people throughout Canada and the US come to understand what’s going on in their life; whether in their relationships, finances, health, or sometimes even a message may come through from a deceased loved relative. As a guest medical intuitive on News For the Soul I am able to intuitively tap into a caller’s energy quickly and pick up on emotional and energetic blocks. By bringing it to their awareness I find it empowers the caller to understand where they may be holding onto trauma from the past which has manifested in their physical body. By providing recommendations I help the caller choose their own path to wellness. I also do channeled writing and have written a story on my mother which will be published in a book with other mother stories. I am the co-author of a cookbook published in 1990. I was filmed doing an in-person intuitive reading for the upcoming documentary “Return to Happiness.” I feel very blessed in the work I do and I thank all the special people I have worked with throughout the many years.


Certified Medical Intuitive
Intuitive Eating Coach
Psychic Medium
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