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As humans buying such a service of intuitive guidance from another, i kept a skeptical ear waiting for some error in her choice of words or a prying for a response to help guide her? I did not find that with Francine, and happily so! I could hear her heart guidance! No ego in her words. She comes from a place of light! You can sense it. Lynx

I was lost when I happened upon this amazing psychic. She helped me find my path and my calling. She helped me resolve some issues I was still carrying with me about some past trauma. It also helped me sleep throughout the night, and ended nightmares I had been experiencing. I can honestly say I think she saved my life. She didn’t tell me what to do, she helped me find my own path, and figure out who I was and what I wanted to manifest in my life. Thank you so much! James

Francine is an amazing medium. She has helped me in my personal and professional life. Physically I feel the stress has been lifted, and I am more in touch with myself, my partner, and my spirituality. I am so thankful to have met such a wonderful and gifted person. Jillian

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Psychic, Medium, Tarot,
Ancestral Knowledge, Feminine Wisdom Oracle, Holistic Health Consultations

“Francine lead me to a story in which THAT story opened my soul in a ‘place’ where no one or thing seemed able to go. In the story was the wisdom I was looking to hear. I was amazed with this insight! Lynn.

Aloha! My name is Francine, Kalani Ahi Nani. I am a born gifted psychic, medium and energy healer. Kalani Ahi Nani, my spiritual name, means “beautiful fire in the sky” in Hawaiian. It is my both my honor and joy to offer my services through Global Psychics. I have been giving consultations for many years to many different types of people, all of which have made great changes from my powerful suggestions. My ultimate goal is for everyone to experience magic and peace in their daily lives, every day.

My life’s true purpose has been one of going into the within and bringing this truth and inner clarity out into the light, like water that has become still the bottom can be seen. As an anchor of sacred space with help from the Ancestors, I intend to allow the universal blessings of the Dao/Tao of All That Is to flow freely like a waterfall inside an abundant rainforest. During a reading, I offer you my full and undivided attention without judgment and bring forth solutions as they come to me from beyond.

As a psychic, I see the past, present and future. Mapping out and revealing the road ahead, I support and empower you to choose which road and path you wish to take. As a medium, I receive messages from departed family members and share these dear and essential messages with you. The Ancestors have very important messages for us and we must heed their call. They get our attention through signs. If we learn how to read these signs, our life becomes very interesting and entertaining indeed! I have worked closely with the collective Ancestors, our past lives, as a unified force of love and understanding for a long time. The Ancestors have wisdom that spans the ages. This makes what we are dealing with now become manageable because they have experienced it ALL. I choose to work with Ancient Hawaiian/Lemurian, Ancient Chinese and Ancient Native American/European Ancestors in particular because of their inner spiritual knowledge and wise ways. The Hawaiians have a sense of humor like you wouldn’t believe.

For card readings, I use “Ancient Feminine Wisdom” cards, fortune-telling cards, and a regular playing card deck, you know, the one you play poker with? Yeah, that one. Always fun to use one of those like a tarot deck and see the look on people’s unsuspecting faces! (How did they know THAT???!!!!) I started “cutting the cards” in high school, about 10 years ago now and they have never ceased to amaze! I sometimes use the obe (cowry) shells from the Voodoo faith. The way in which the shells land tell me if the answer is “yes” or “no,” an easy way to get a quick response for a specific question. When we feel “stuck” or “down” or manifest health issues, this means there is extreme imbalance in our bodies and living situation. I give holistic suggestions for changing old habits with new diet and lifestyle choices. Suggestions can include many different facets of your life waiting to be updated! If you have been sick or have had recurring physical issues for a long time now, an extra “umph” is in order. Herbs are allies in health and aid us in making a full recovery. Working with the Plant and Mushroom Kingdoms has been very beneficial to me and overall wellbeing and I have helped many others come back to balance too. I can suggest dietary supplements for ANY and EVERY bodily issue. You name it, there is a herb, fruit, or some other supplement to fix it

There are many different areas of inquiry I can be assistance of:

~ Divine Union and Sacred Relationship
~ Family Harmony
~ Ho’oponopono, the most efficient Hawaiian way of creating peace
~ Releasing Your Inner Demons
~ Embracing Your Passions
~ Intention and Manifestation
~ Inner Realization
~ The Opening of the Challis of the Heart to Love
~ Reclaiming Lost Spiritual Gifts
~ Understanding the Dynamics of Channeling
~ Learning How to Commune with Mother Earth and the Nature Kingdoms
~ Becoming the Creator of your most precious creation, Your Life!

There are many avenues and modes of healing which I use for myself and I extend out to others in hopes they benefit too. Working with the inner family, soul retrieval, dreamtime work, bringing in new energetic movements and thoughtforms, rewriting the story of our lives, affecting timelines, and reconnecting with the heart of the Dao/Tao of All That Is are just some of the ways I can assist you. My utmost intent during our time together is that we connect heart to heart to create the best outcome possible!

Many Blessings on your life’s path! There are many ways to the top of the mountain, choose yours wisely!.

Francine as Counselor & Guide

Holistic Health is all about treating you, you life, your body, your home and your environment as a unit and bringing them into harmony and balance with one another. When one aspect becomes unbalanced, this affects all other areas.
Francine offers help with: Twin Flame, Soul Mate and Divine Union Creation. Manifesting Your ONE True Love. Holistic Health with Life Coaching and Herbal Wisdom. Unite your life, home and health into ONE. Practical instinctive and intuitive advice for deep transformation. Transcend limiting beliefs and become the New You!


From very early on, she has spoken with the Natural Realms, the plants, trees, animal and faery realm fluently. To her, the supernatural is as natural as breathing. The magic, wonder and beauty of Earth still gives her hope and knowledge beyond her peers to this day. This love and service to Earth and all that exists has became the foundation of her life and spiritual practice. Both inner and outer worlds have expanded over time. Talking to the Ancestors, the ones who have crossed over, experimenting with energy and instant manifestation, reading people’s minds, feeling their feelings, writing down stories every night, which she later learned were ancient past lives she had lived before, cultivating her daily meditation routine, learning how to navigate dreamtime and the inner world and seeing visions of future has become her daily life’s work. A gypsy at heart, she has lived in many different places. From the South to the Pacific Northwest and the glorious misty rainforests, to Hawaii and it’s people, aloha, talkstory and unconditional love, to the Southwest and painted deserts, connections made to extraterrestrials, her path has been one of continual opening to the great divine and to the sacredness of all life. Being as it is, here on Earth, in this time period, life has thrown many curveballs but every tragedy has played a pivotal role in creating who she is today. Every harsh letdown and setback has been turned around into a great spiritual life lesson learned. It is with great joy she assists and helps guide others in their own journey of self realization, sharing her perspective of our contagiously evolving world.