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Wonderful! Mary is incredibly insightful and reassuring. She is a patient communicator and expert listener, with unmatched skills in joyfully illustrating the many ways that we can harness the energies all around us to move forward on our individual life paths. I highly recommend Mary’s services to anyone who is seeking spiritual refreshment or simply a dose of inner calm. Following a conversation that touched on many deeply resonant topics, I felt renewed in a way I hadn’t expected, and that feeling has lasted.


Astrologer, Psychic, Empath, Spirit Guide

You were so right about the woman I was about to meet and fall in love with. She is from Brazil. Come visit us in Jamaica; so many would benefit from your special gift. Blessings and One Love, Rohan Marley, Co-founder Marley Coffee

Your reading was profoundly healing. You are a gifted intuitive and I can’t thank you enough for showing me how to make needed shifts in my eating habits. This has changed my life and my health. Barbara.

E’lan is an Astrologer, Empath, and Spirit Guide. She reads and feels you through your voice and your Birth Chart, which is a unique map of potentiality meant just for you; for what you came into this life to experience, develop, and grow into on all sorts of different levels.

She sees the Planets, Luminaries, and important axis points in a chart, a well as the transits etc., as energy teachers.

We all have free will and E’lan wants to help you see and know about all the choices and the best ones for you, to guide you through fear or confusion, into right action for your life, so to anchor your soul !

Her reading style depends on the person she is reading for and what is needed. She can be very serious and direct, but has great compassion and is generally very inspiring. She also gets messages from her guides for you!

E’lan started to study Astrology at 13, and was highly psychic at a very young age, learning to hide it to fit in. She has certifications in: Psychological Astrology, Hypnotherapy, Massage Therapy ,Emotional Freedom Technique, Reiki level 2. She has been initiated to practice Plant Spirit Medicine under Huichol Shaman Eliot Cowen , and is now undertaking the deep practice of Ancestral Lineage . She continues as always to study different views of Astrology including Evolutionary Astrology,( which she uses a lot for past lifetime this life time purpose in readings); Shamanic Astrology and many others as the Astrology paradigm is ever evolving. She is also an avid and deep meditator, dream journeyer, and animist, as well as an artist.


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