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You were extremely accurate in so many things in your reading; things that you could just never know. The things you said about me were right. So thank you for your reading and I will take everything to heart. Patricia

You’ve been an inspiration and your input means a lot especially during this time period. I will do my best to keep my “eyes” open. You’ve been a wonderful motivator and I will certainly keep you posted of my progress. Thanks again to you and the Universe for all the help and support. God bless! Eleanor :-)

I’ve come to realize that if I had not spoken to you, and if you did not give me the message you did the WAY you did, I would never have stopped to even consider a different direction. I see now that sometimes certain things need to be said in order to bring about a greater good, a better outcome from the path we are currently traveling. You have empowered me. I was forced to really awaken my own intuition, and to listen carefully to my own thoughts and feelings. I’m really beginning to discover who I am. Bless you.” Amy


Psychic, Philosopher, Teacher, Entrepreneur, Owner/Operator of Global Psychics

“Dear Danielle, I want to thank you for not only the most amazing reading I’ve ever had but for being so compassionate. Everything you described is the truth and has been for a long time. Words cannot describe what this has done for me and what it means to me.” With Love and Gratitude Always, Myrna.

I live with my son, Patrick. two dogs, Gracie and Chance, two cats Moon and Charlie, and a housemate, Albert, who has been with us for quite a few years now, kinda like a second son… I have a little house in a quiet neighbourhood in London, Ontario.. just a block away from my 87-year-old Mom so we can look our for her. I am the eldest of 6, have 16 nieces and nephews and 4 great nieces and nephews… family is a priority in my life… I have felt blessed to be part of a family that works pretty well together… although we are spread around, we love to get together and there’s always a lot of laughter and good food when we do…

I love to cook, make some fabulous cakes… Summers I am excited to get into my garden and get things growing again… I always plant a lot of flowers,,,, but we also grow some of our own veggies – awesome tomatoes – and a lot of herbs. I can’t just sit for very long, so when I can’t be out in the garden, I knit when I want to relax and just watch the tube.

I spend my days and most nights at the computer taking care of the web site and responding to clients… and in between, I tend to my family, our furry companions, the house and the garden…

I am a little hermit-like, especially these days… arthritis has slowed me down a lot in the past few years… I suppose my life isn’t so exciting to anyone looking in, but it has taken me a lifetime to create the peace and sense of personal well-being that we have achieved as a family through the years… I am happier in my life than I ever believed I could be… it suits me to live quietly…

Some Background

For some 20 years Danielle held mainstream management and consulting positions, first with Imperial Oil Ltd, later with Systemhouse (one of Canada’s pioneers of the computer age).

Soon after she turned 40, she found herself challenging all that she had believed about herself and her world and decided to give up her business career to pursue a more spiritual life. This began her transition to a career as a psychic reader and teacher, developing and refining her natural talents for seeing beyond the present. Beginning with a handful of loyal subscribers, word of mouth soon brought many who sought and benefited from her wisdom and counsel.

Danielle as a Teacher, Guide & Counselor

“Being psychic is about living with soul as much as it about seeing and feeling things.”
In my work as a psychic I am often called to help clients through difficult transitons, break-ups, bankruptcies, frightening losses… it has been my great privilege to be able to stand beside these clients, sometimes even to hold them up for a little while, but then to see them recover, to find joy and satisfaction in thier lives as they are, getting better and better every day, in every way….

As a psychic guide, I am able to shed a little light on your path, to help you see where you’re going and how you can get where you want. I am happy to sahre my knowledge of the Law of Attraction, and my skill with the Tarot, developing psychic ability, connecting with spirit, chanelling, and reading and understanding signs and symbols.


Over the years, Danielle integrated her knowledge of systems and methods with her experiences in energy work and psychic phenomenon and to produce three web sites,, and Her primary goal is to enable individuals to tap into their own creative, and magical powers. She has authored and now supports three web sites under the umbrella of Global Psychics Inc. and now operates a very busy agency, reading for clients around the world through the web. While managing her most recent enterprises, Global Psychics Inc., Danielle maintains a limited private consultation practice with her many long-term clients and continues to counsel a variety of businesses and their owners.


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"Another great reading and very helpful advice. I think I have a new friend and advisor. Thanks again." Hugs TL

"Thank you once again for your wonderful words of wisdom, your reading has definitely helped me to gain the clarity that I was looking for with regards to my next step." Warm Regards Lina