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I’ve worked with Cherie for 4 years on a consistent basis. My major objectives have been path work, application of life lessons, soul development, and moving towards my greater life purpose (Why am I here?). I started with Cherie as a skeptical newbie not really knowing why I was internally uncomfortable with the concepts of life I was living in. Over the past 4 years we’ve worked together with my guides, expanding on my intellectual, emotional and intuitive consciousness. She has been an invaluable mentor, teacher and partner in my quest and I truly believe she appeared when the time was appropriate and by no accident. As we’ve met over the years, her ability each time to read my energy and describe my feelings and the preceding events in my life without any prior discussion is uncanny and amazing. I highly recommend you consider Cherie for any reading whether a one time jaunt with the mystical or looking for a trusted, reliable and loving advisor, spiritual liaison and counselor on your path to spiritual development and the unfolding of the wonderful mystery that you truly are. Adam Walton

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Psychic Medium, Tarot Reader
Ordained Priestess

“Cherie has been doing readings for me for at least 10 years. She is on target and has helped me in my spiritual growth by relaying information that I can actually use. She has uncanny insight with the Tarot and with her channeling. I wouldn’t think of using anyone else.” Sherry Woodward

I’ve been a professional psychic for 18 years. I started by doing readings for people here and there, through word of mouth, then started working part-time in a metaphysical store where I began to receive a lot of exposure and clientele. What has made me stay with it is a combination of the demand for my services, my desire to serve and help people, and that thing called ‘fate’ or soul agreement – which led  me down this path. I never had the intention to do this so much  as it just unfolded in a destined way. As an empath it’s always been hard to be in the ‘normal’ workforce as my sensitivities make it very difficult. I started out reading the Tarot and studying astrology, numerology, and then I became a conscious channel. I am very good at mediumship work and reading past lives. I seem to have a knack for accurate time frames as well. I’m also a High Priestess  in the Wiccan/Celtic/Faery Tradition, and have been involved with ritual work over the years.

I feel very mission-oriented in my life with my psychic work and music being the biggest focus for me. My innate curiosity about life and consciousness keeps me open to growing and expanding as well as cleaning my ‘stuff’ so I can be a clearer channel of love, light and wisdom. I feel inspired to inspire others, assist in healing, and opening others to their path and potential. Once you’ve reached a certain level of awareness there’s no turning back. It’s truly a joy to be in service through my psychic work, music, songwriting and other creative efforts.

I’ve often asked myself and it has been asked of me by others why I keep doing this work when it can be draining and not dependable income. The answer is: this is who I am. This is what I do. My psychic work and my music are  my gifts and my mission. The universe will provide for me somehow; if I trust my spirit and my path. I create my reality and as such will be true to myself and allow my spirit to guide me. I will continue to do this work regardless of my financial status or success in my creative field. It is one of the reasons I have come into this life and one of the reasons why I stay. There is much to be done.

Cherie as Guide & Mentor

“I feel inspired to inspire others, assist in healing, and opening others to their path and potential. Once you’ve reached a certain level of awareness there’s no turning back. It’s truly a joy to be in service through my psychic work, music, songwriting and other creative efforts.”
Cherie has 20 years experience as a psychic, a teacher and an ordained priestess. She is available for one on one mentoring to set you on the path of a Celtic/Wiccan practitioner and guide you as you explore ancient traditions and practices that will enhance your life, reclaim lost power and find your true potential. Cherie is offering tele-classes to help you to become more in touch with your own magic, your own psychic awareness as well as learn the ways of the Celtic and Wiccan tradition. Her upcoming class series; Practical Magic will take you through a six month course that will assist you on your spiritual path.


Cherie expresses her creative ability in many different ways: as Psychic/Tarot Reader and Ordained Priestess, as a teacher offering workshops/classes, and also as singer/songwriter and poet/writer. For more of Cherie’s philosophy, check out her interview with Richard Shulman HERE. Cherie has over 18 years experience as a professional psychic and teacher in the spiritual community. She’s traveled and worked nationally and internationally, and has appeared on television and radio shows locally as well as broadcast on Carolyn Craft’s Sirius satellite show, “Waking Up With Carolyn Craft.”

Cherie can hear and communicate with a person’s spirit guides and guardians to help them with core issues, patterns, and subconscious blocks. Cherie’s straightforward yet compassionate manner goes directly to current and longstanding life themes. Getting to the “heart of the matter” you can have clarity and confirmation of the past, present and future. As a medium, Cherie is able to communicate with loved ones on the other side.


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